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5 thigns
  1. It won’t void your warranty

Pedal Commander doesn’t “flag” your ECU, so your dealership will never know it was there. Just turn the device off before you go in for service, and you’re golden!


  1. You can install it yourself

The Pedal Commander system is completely plug and play, and doesn’t require tools for most applications. The OEM plugs go directly into the throttle sensor above your gas pedal and takes a total of 3-5 minutes. You’ll spend more time figuring out where you want to mount the controller than you will trying to install it!


  1. It comes with a 2-year product warranty

Along with our 14-day satisfaction guarantee, you get full tech support if you ever need help with your Pedal Commander. We’re so confident about our product, we’ll even cover replacements for 2 years if necessary.


  1. It won’t alter smog or emissions

Since we’re located in California, we know the struggle of worrying about passing smog and emissions testing. Luckily, Pedal Commander isn’t an issue! You don’t even need to worry about check-engine lights. The simplicity of the device is one of the best things about it!


  1. We’re located in the United States

Sometimes ordering parts from overseas can be a hassle. Is there an import tax? How long will shipping take? Why can’t I track it? None of these are a worry when you order from us. We know you want your new parts fast, so we use USPS’s 3-day priority shipping service.

Author: Jax

Jax has been a lover of all things automotive for over 10 years and has built multiple platforms of cars, trucks and motorcycles. Her stable currently consists of a 2011 Cadillac CTSV, 2012 Yamaha R6, and a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8.

55 thoughts on “5 Things You Need to Know About Pedal Commander”

  1. What is the best sensitivity level to put the pedal commander at to get the best throttle response without all the hurky jurky when you step on the gas pedal.

    1. Its going to vary by vehicle. I recommend you play with each settings and each mode and see what you prefer. From a popular vote, a lot of people like City mode, -2 sensitivity

  2. Hi, I have a 2012 Ram 1500 sport R/T. I have had a sprint boost 5 years, I knew someone would eventually build another throttle controller. I have a vararam induction system, 87mm throttle body, 180 stat, true dual pypes exhaust 4.10 gears, and a diablo trinty programmer with a race tune, and track tune. The truck is quick. I was wondering if the throttle commander would still be beneficial even though the sensitivity was increased with the tune. The sprint boost brings in power at part throttle instead of full throttle. My custom tuner told me to just cut the sensitivity off on the programmer and use the sprint booster. I don’t want to spend money on a product that basically does the same thing. How can you earn my business?

    1. Hi Reginald!

      If you’re going to use a throttle response controller in conjunction with a tune, you need to make sure the throttle sensitivity within the tune is completely stock. I recommend that with a Pedal Commander or any other brand you may use.

      That being said, the Sprint Booster and the Pedal Commander are essentially going to achieve the same thing, increased response. The benefit of a Pedal Commander over a competitor’s product is the fact that we have more modes to choose from, and more settings per mode. This gives you a must wider range of customization options versus any other company’s product. I know this isn’t exactly me “selling it” compared to what you already have, but I would prefer to be honest and not mislead customers to think we reinvented the wheel here.

      Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

  3. Is there a normal mode that bypasses the pedal commander? So that the response is in line with the stock response?

    1. It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. If you want your vehicle to still get up and go when you touch the gas while towing, City and Sport are great. If you want to save gas while towing, I’d go with ECO.

    1. The Pedal Commander relies on power from the car to stay on, it does not have its own internal battery. The Pedal Commander automatically shuts off when the car is fully powered down (usually about 5 minutes after you shut it off).

  4. I just purchased a Pedal Commander for my 2016 392 SRT Dodge Challenger. I have searched but found no videos for installation on a Challenger. Is there one? Also, my SRT comes with drive settings you can change. Will the PC effect those? And if not, should I put in my drive settings first and then the PC settings? Or does it matter? Thank you

    1. As far as I remember, the install to the Challenger is almost exactly like the Dodge Ram (

      Pedal Commander will enhance your throttle response on top of the changes with the stock Challenger drive settings. It doesn’t matter if you change the Pedal Commander setting first, or the stock drive settings.

  5. So this is the first comment i see “Pedal Commander doesn’t “flag” your ECU, so your dealership will never know it was there. Just turn the device off before you go in for service, and you’re golden!”. This leads me to believe that I would want to hide it from the dealer. Is that an accurate statement and why?

    1. When a dealership does any kind of work or repair, they run a scan on the vehicle’s computer to see if anything has been changed. Other aftermarket tuners and programmers will leave “flags” on the ECU after they’ve been installed, and will remain even after they’ve been removed. These digital footprints are what cause the dealership to void any kind of claim or maintenance program.

      Since Pedal Commander doesn’t leave any flags on the ECU, that basically means its invisible/untraceable… unless you’re mounting it in obvious view. In that event, every dealership is different in what they’ll notate or take notice of. I’ve seen a dealership void a warranty over someone running a tire slightly larger than one the one that came on his truck, and then I’ve seen others that completely ignore a custom full suspension system.

      Personally, I’d rather be safe than sorry. On my own truck, I leave the Pedal Commander plugged in, but I turn it off and tuck it out of sight any time I go in for service. In 3 years, I’ve never had an issue.

  6. I have a 2015 dodge charger rallye eddition 3.6 liter VVT Wil this work in my car, safely? Without a tune, the car is stock.

  7. Does the Pedal Commander retain its current setting when turned off, or do I have to re-select the mode and sensitivity each time I start the truck?

  8. Jax,

    I drive a 2013 awd dodge charger r/t with a 5.7….

    I have several questions, starting with how exactly does the Ecomode function in comparison to stock settings, secondly what is sport+ compared to sport.

    How does this react to turning traction control off?

    Ps will this effect my vehicles sport mode?

    1. Compared to stock, ECO mode will decrease the sensitivity of your gas pedal, making you accelerate slower. The slower/smoother acceleration allows the engine to speed up at a more conservative rate, which results in better gas milage (up to 20%).

      Sport+ mode is more sensitive than Sport, so it will accelerate faster.

      In some newer vehicles, the drastic acceleration of Sport or Sport+ may cause the tires to spin, which results in the vehicle’s ECU kicking on traction control to help the tires regain grip of the road. Turning TC off will keep this from happening.

      Pedal Commander will enhance any of the “modes” your vehicle came with. For example, my SRT8 Jeep comes with ECO, city and track modes that already alter throttle along with a few other features. The added throttle response of Pedal Commander just stacks on top of those modes.

  9. Just installed pedal commander in 2010 FJ cruiser
    There is no indicator light when in eco mode
    Is this unit defective??

    1. Press and hold the yellow program button for 3 seconds to activate ECO mode. These instructions should be printed on the inside of the box. Let us know if there is anything else you need!

    1. Hi Braden,

      You can switch modes while driving, although we never recommend taking your eyes off the road. It is safer to change modes while the vehicle is stopped.

  10. Hello Jax, why do you say that PedalCommander saves fuel? If at higher acceleration Sport + there is higher consumption, and at lower ECO acceleration there is less consumption? My Subaru XV is model 2018 with the new global platform, and to install it despite following the instructions with the Key Entri I got the “Check Engine”, I had to disconnect the battery to install PedalCommander, to avoid the ignition of the “Check Engine “, PedalCommander is now installed and working, you feel the difference vs the original pedal. I wonder if the “Check Engine” that was shown when installing PedalCommander will not be detected by the scanner at the Subaru dealer? To avoid this problem of the error “Check Engine” should integrate in a new version a CAN BUS chip that has registered the brand of the vehicle and is not detected as a device to the system and avoid the “Check Engine”, currently most vehicles They are electronic and without key.

    1. Pedal Commander will only save fuel in ECO mode. Normally, when you step on the gas and gun it, the engine immediately jumps to a higher RPM/higher power output sooner, this kills has mileage. The ECO mode on Pedal Commander slows the throttle response, which keeps the engine from reacting this way when you step on the gas. The slower/smoother acceleration allows the engine to speed up at a more conservative rate, which results in better gas milage (up to 20%). So if you get 40mpg max now, you might be able to see up to 48mpg as long as you aren’t putting your foot to the floor everywhere you go.

      The other modes (City, Sport, Sport+) will decrease fuel economy as they have the opposite effect.

      The “check engine” light occurs when the ECU is not fully asleep when the throttle plug is disconnected. To avoid this, you may need to let the vehicle remain off for 15-30 minutes (depending on the make, some take longer than others) before you begin the installation. But if it does come in, the light can be cleared very easily. Either by unplugging the battery for 30 minutes, or with an OBDII scanner. Even if the dealership were able to scan and see the code, I’ve never heard them kick up any fuss over it because newer vehicles can show the “check engine” code over almost anything (like leaving the gas cap off).

  11. Hi, I’m John. I drive a 2013 Dodge SXT Challenger. Today i turned my car on after shopping and the engine revved high and my gas pedal didn’t work. I went underneath where i did the install of my Pedal commander 31 and disconnected it and re connected it back on and everything was just as it was fine. Any reason why it did this. Ive owned the Commander know close to 2 months. I hope its not going to go bad on me. I was going to post this on both of my Challenger forums but decided to contact you first. Please assure me that is was just a glitch and that this is not going to happen again. Hope to hear from you soon. Happy Holidays…

    1. Hi John, sorry to hear about the issue you had. Usually issues like this are caused by the plug not being “locked” into place and slowly wiggling out of its connection over a period of time. When you plug it back in, make sure you hear it “click.” Most people will just push and think its fully connected when its not. However, your product comes with a 2 year product guarantee where we will replace it if needed.

  12. Hi. I recently installed the Pedal Commander in my 2017 Jeep Wrangler 2.6 V6. Do you recommend any settings for the different traffic conditions, ej. traffic jams, highways, etc. Thanks.

    1. Its all user preference. In crawling traffic, I like ECO mode. For highway use, I like City +4, or Sport -2

  13. are there any install instructions for a 2013 Grand Cherokee Overland Summit with a 5.7 Hemi?

    1. We have the footage, just haven’t gotten around to posting it up yet. Its on a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, but installation is exactly the same. We’ll get it posted up tomorrow for you.

  14. Hi I just purchased a new Ram 1500 Hemi a few weeks back. It only has 800 miles. Is there any issues with putting the PC on this early? Most if the forums I’ve read are trucks w over 10k miles on it. I plan on keeping this truck for many years so I don’t want to cause any issues to mechanicals etc..

    1. There are absolutely no issues with running the Pedal Commander on a brand new vehicle. As with any car, you don’t want to go full throttle until the engine is fully broken in, but you can still enjoy the added throttle response at any time!

  15. Hi Can i drive a Mitsubishi Montero sport 2016 model 3.0 V6. Can i install pedal commander Pedal Commander P4 PC45?

  16. I have a 2006 chevy 2500hd 6.0 and followed instructions to install my pc and every time i get a reduced engine power message and multiple active codes for throttle pedal. I clear the codes and they come right back. If i un plug the pc an re connect my stock plug back all problems go away and the codes do not return when cleared. Ive tried first disconnecting the battery for a few hours and installing the pc then reconnecting battery only to get the same issues!

    1. Tried to install the pedal commander again today. Truck had sat overnight after driving truck with stock pedal plugged in with no issues. Same problems occurred. Reduce engine power and multiple throttle related codes. Removed and plugged back in stock an cleared codes. Runs and drives with no issues… Never had any check engine light problems previously and when i remove the pedal commander all problems go away.

      1. It sounds like the plugs arent locking and making a full connection, so when you turn the car on, it senses the throttle is unplugged and throws you into limp mode. Try the install again, and make sure you hear both plugs “click” to signify that they’re locked in. If you have any further issues, contact me directly.

  17. I have a superchips on my 07 dodge ram hemi already..can I use both the pedal commander and my programmer…or is one gonna void the other out ?

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