Pedal Commander Dealer Program

The Pedal Commander throttle response controller delivers incredible acceleration control to auto enthusiasts and competitive drivers. Now, the Pedal Commander team would like to work with you, business to business, to provide even more motorists with this significant performance advantage through local shops and vendors like yourself.

A simple to install and relatively low-cost aftermarket mod, Pedal Commander controls or removes response delays in electronic accelerator pedals, allowing the driver to choose if their engine responds with greater speed or critical precision.

Each of the four modes (Eco, City, Sport, Sport+) has 8 adjustable levels to work with. These different settings are what provide drivers with unique acceleration control in their vehicles. Pedal Commander doesn’t sacrifice vehicle safety, factory warranty, or require a professional mechanic to manage.

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Pedal Commander Benifits:

  • Easy Installation (Plug & Play)
  • OEM Factory Plugs
  • Individual Programming
  • User-Friendly and Adjustable
  • Eco,City,Sport & Sport + Modes
  • Removes All Disadvantages of Electronic Gas Pedals
  • CE and TUV Certified
  • Never Voids Your Factory Warranty
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back. No Questions Asked!

International & Distributor Pricing

For all International and Distributor Information please contact our Sales team. Distributors and exclusivity accounts limited to International Distribution only.

eMail:    Tel: 805-465-7677


Authorized Dealers must maintain Listed MAP Pricing or will risk termination.

*Dealer Setup Fees are non refundable. Dealer programs are 1 year term contracts eligible for renewal at the end of the contract. You may upgrade your account status at the end of your 12 month term. Dealer Pricing is subject to change without notification. Dealers Pricing will be locked in for the signed 12 month term pricing non-negotiable. Dealer returns are subject to approval. You are responsible for the return policy of your store/ shop. Implied warranties are covered for eligible products. Vitalen Auto Performance INC offers a 2-Year Product Warranty covering the Pedal Commander. Warranties begin at time of purchase.Marketing materials will be included with your Setup Fees. Marketing materials may include Lanyards, shirts, stickers, brochures, banners, branding images and more. Marketing materials are per Dealer Package and maybe limited.

Pedal Commander is a registered trademark and product of Vitalen Auto Performance, Inc.