Does Pedal Commander harm my engine?

No, Pedal Commander gives you only the performance reserved by the manufacturers which they provided in their engine design.
As Pedal Commander will only be switched on when you really need the power (e.g. when you accelerate, Pedal Commander will not function during idling/traffic jams). The components, e.g. the engine, the clutch, the transmission and the brakes, are only stressed in line with the technically feasible scope. All protection functions of the engine, e.g. the emergency programs, aren’t switched off. An engine tuning, no matter which kind of tuning, should only be made when a regular maintenance, e.g. oil & filter change, toothed belt, etc., is carried out.

Which is the lowest and highest mileage I can use with Pedal Commander?

You can use Pedal Commander regardless of the mileage of your vehicle. Due to the digital protection technology of your original ECU, you take no risk. Lots of car dealers install Pedal Commander in new cars even from the first kilometer. However, you should observe the run-in period recommended by the manufacturer. We also have customers who installed Pedal Commander at a mileage of more than 200,000 km. That’s no problem due to our digital technology as long as the vehicle or engine is well maintained!

Can I use Pedal Commander again when I change my vehicle?

Possibly. Some vehicles will use the same plug and program, however, most do not. Send us a message with your current and new vehicle and we will be happy to let you know if the Pedal Commander you purchased is compatible with both vehicles

Is Pedal Commander detectable by service?

No, it is not detectable at all . After the removal of Pedal Commander, it is not traceable and the vehicle is directly returned to its original performance. No hardware or software changes were made. Even if related memories were logged in the ECU, the responsibility to prove it falls on the manufacturers, because a faulty sensor would also give the same logged memory.
Thus Pedal Commander is ideal for leasing, financing or company vehicles. We have optimized the complete vehicle fleet of some of our major clients. The operation is not traceable as it does not leave foot print after the removal. This is a decisive advantage; of course, your factory warranty remains.

In spite of the power improvement can I save more fuel? How does it work?

Experience shows that a fuel saving between 0.2 and 1.0l is possible after the installation of Pedal Commander. Due to the significantly increased torque in the lower RPM range it’s possible to upshift to the next gear early, which reduces fuel consumption. However, this depends greatly on your driving behavior as well as serial tolerances and the motor characteristics of the vehicle. A lot of satisfied customers reported a reduction of consumption of up to 1.0l per 100 km or up to 15% More MPG.

How can I modify the performance on Pedal Commander?

We deliver Pedal Commander with a basic setting appropriate for your vehicle. With this basic setting you achieve a power improvement of approximately 18-35 %. This is the perfect compromise between fuel saving and power improvement. There is no fixed setting value for the maximum setting as the power input can vary from vehicle to vehicle, although the engines are the same. Refer to the installation manual for the fine tuning guide. For further request, please contact us.

Why does my vehicle computer show error messages (CEL) & why does my vehicle switch to the emergency program (limp mode)?

Due to manufacturer-determined serial tolerances, the power output of Pedal Commander might be too high. However, you can correct it by yourself easily through adjusting the rotary control switch in just a few steps.

Why isn't ECO mode working?

To activate ECO mode, press and hold the yellow program button for 3 seconds. This is a safety feature to keep you from accidentally going into the dramatically slow throttle response of ECO mode.

Do I have to turn Pedal Commander off every time I turn off my car?

No. Pedal Commander relies on your vehicle for power, it has no internal battery. Once your vehicle has completely powered down (about 5 minutes after you shut it off), the Pedal Commander will automatically shut off.

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