Will Pedal Commander harm my engine or cause any additional wear & tear?

No, Pedal Commander only gives you the performance reserved by the manufacturers (which is provided in their engine design).
As Pedal Commander will only be switched on when you really need the power (e.g. when you accelerate, Pedal Commander will not function during idling). Your car’s mechanical components (engine, clutch, transmission, brakes) are only stressed in line with the technically feasible scope. All protection functions and safety measures of the engine and the vehicle’s ECU are never overridden or switched off. It’s impossible for Pedal Commander to push your vehicle beyond its original safety measures.

Which is the lowest and highest mileage I can use with Pedal Commander?

You can use Pedal Commander regardless of the mileage of your vehicle. Due to the digital protection technology of your original ECU, theres no additional risk to a car or truck with more miles. Lots of car dealers install Pedal Commander in new cars even from the first mile. However, you should observe the “break-in period” recommended by the manufacturer and not really push your car before that period is over. We even have customers who installed Pedal Commander in cars with more than 200,000 miles. There is no problem or risk due to our digital technology as long as the vehicle is well maintained.

Is Pedal Commander transferable to a different car?

Possibly. Some vehicles will use the same plug and program, however, most do not. Send us a message with your current and new vehicle and we will be happy to let you know if the Pedal Commander you purchased is compatible with both vehicles.

Will the dealership know I installed a Pedal Commander on my car?


We understand not wanting to risk voiding the maintenance program on a new vehicle, but that no longer means you have to wait 5 years/50,000 miles before you can start customizing your car or truck to drive how you want it to.

When a dealership does any kind of work or repair, they run a scan on the vehicle’s computer to see if anything has been changed. Other aftermarket tuners and programmers will leave “flags” on the ECU after they’ve been installed, and will remain even after they’ve been removed. These digital footprints are what cause the dealership to void any kind of claim or maintenance program.

Pedal Commander is 100% UNTRACEABLE by dealerships. Before going in for service, just make sure you turn the unit off and tuck it out of sight and you’re good to go!  But if you’re going in for any kind of repair or problem, we recommend removing the unit just to be safe because when a dealership starts running diagnostics, they look for things like this.

How does the fuel saving in ECO mode work?

Normally, when you step on the gas and gun it, the engine immediately jumps to a higher RPM/higher power output sooner, this kills has mileage. The ECO mode on Pedal Commander slows the throttle response, which keeps the engine from reacting this way when you step on the gas. The slower/smoother acceleration allows the engine to speed up at a more conservative rate, which results in better gas milage (up to 20%). So if you get 20mpg max now, you might be able to see up to 24mpg as long as you aren’t putting your foot to the floor everywhere you go.


Why does my vehicle computer show error messages (check-engine light) & why does my vehicle switch to the emergency program (limp mode)?

A vehicle will throw a check-engine light or go into limp mode when the throttle sensor is unplugged before the ECU has had enough time to go to “sleep.” Since it thinks something has been unplugged, it shows you a light as a precaution, even if you’ve already plugged it back in.

You can clear the check-engine light and eliminate limp mode by removing the negative battery terminal on your vehicle for 15 minutes, or by clearing the codes with an OBDII code reader, available at any auto parts store.

Why isn't ECO mode working?

To activate ECO mode, press and hold the yellow program button for 3 seconds. This is a safety feature to keep you from accidentally going into the dramatically slow throttle response of ECO mode.

Do I have to turn Pedal Commander off every time I turn off my car?

No. Pedal Commander relies on your vehicle for power, it has no internal battery. Once your vehicle has completely powered down (about 5 minutes after you shut it off), the Pedal Commander will automatically shut off.

Will I have to put it back into my favorite mode every time I start my car?

No. Pedal Commander has an internal memory that will automatically come back on in the last mode you left it in.

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