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Pedal Commander PC31 Bluetooth

Rated 4.85 out of 5 based on 391 customer ratings
(391 customer reviews)

$349.99 $329.99

Pedal Commander Throttle Response Controller PC31 for specific Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Maserati Vehicles

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Why do you need Pedal Commander?

Pedal Commander is a throttle response controller. It removes response delays on your electronic accelerator pedal. Effectively, it allows your engine to respond faster. As a result, your car can accelerate faster. You paid lots of money for your car, but when you press your gas pedal, you feel like you are pressing a sponge. Have you ever noticed that old cars were more responsive?

We have a solution for you!! to get rid of that lag.

Pedal Commander has 4 different control modes: Eco, City, Sport, and Sport. Each control mode has 8 different sensitivity levels which you can choose. These 36 different parameters, in total, is what makes us different than others. Pedal Commander is programmable according to your desire to your car’s specifications. And now Available with Bluetooth capability.

User Friendly Bluetooth Control

App Compatible with Android 5.1 (released 2/2015) or later
App Compatible with iOS 10 (released on 9/2016) or later

6 Reasons to Buy Pedal Commander Throttle Controller

Faster Response from Your Engine


Available for All Vehicle Manufacturers

Individually Adjustable Performance

Great Customer Service

2-Years Product Warranty

Product Benefits

Removes Delays 99%

Removes all disadvantages of electronic gas pedal delays & effectively allows your engine to respond faster

Vehicle Specific Programming

Pedal Commander is not a generic one-size-fits-all device. It is individually programmed according to the make, model, engine specs and transmission of your car.

User-Friendly & Adjustable

Pedal Commander BT system comes with 4 different modes: Eco, City, Sport, and Sport+. Each mode has +4 raise and -4 low adjustments. Control options available on the Mobile app and on the device

2-Year Manufacturer Warranty

You are getting a top quality product from us. However, just in case the power electronics are defective, we will replace your product free of charge – within 2 years of purchase!


Latest Bluetooth® technology proves the power of connection. To phones, to tablets; Now Bluetooth enables multiple ways to connect. You can stay connected your vehicle and the pedal commander at the same time.

Easy Plug-and-Play Installation

OEM Factory Harness &  Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation within 10 Minutes

Watch some install videos

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We offer a 30-Day money back guarantee to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

Top-notch Quality

All automotive top-grade components, such as 3M keypad, high-performance CPUs for real-time calculations, latest Bluetooth technology  and original connectors in OEM quality














Additional information

Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 2 in

391 reviews for Pedal Commander PC31 Bluetooth

  1. :
    Sam Burrie

    I have purchased my pedal commander a few months ago and the product is amazing. I referred a few of my friends and of course, they didn’t believe me. After purchasing your product they have been amazed by the results.

  2. :
    Tiller Jaocbson

    I have just installed in
    My JEEP and I was very pleased with the result.
    Congratulations to all the team of developers of COMMANDER!!

  3. :

    I have a 2017 ram 1500 crew cab with a 5.7l and let me tell you right off the bat the pedal commander hands down unbelievable!!!!! when I put it in sport mode +3 it was like someone put a more powerful engine in my truck. the truck is already fast but with the commander it felt like a quarter mile street rod .all I want to say is thank you guys for putting a smile on my face and my back in the seat.

  4. (verified owner):
    Anthony Iacullo

    Awesome results

  5. (verified owner):
    Gerardo Sanchez

    Overall great product & very easy install. Received 3 days later after purchase,

  6. (verified owner):
    Brian Rzeszotarski

    Best thing I have ever bought for a vehicle instant gratification works so well I have told friends on other sites to buy this product now.

  7. (verified owner):
    Ashley Zuniga

    It’s the Best!!!!!

  8. (verified owner):
    Brian Schor

    As a die-hard Spring Booster customer, I was reluctant to try a Pedal Commander. But after countless positive comments in online forums, I thought I’d try one out. Boy howdy is it a big difference in pedal sensitivity! I was so impressed, I bought a 2nd one for my dad a couple of weeks later. You definitely have two new customers who are spreading the word about these things to everyone we know.

    The only negative comment I have is that I’m a little unimpressed with how my last order was handled. The PC was placed on order the day before the Black Friday discount code was made public. I called and asked if the discount could be applied and was told no. The only way I could get the discount was to order another one using the discount code and return the original one as soon as I got it. In my opinion, that does not make good business sense. I would imagine that you would lose more in shipping and handling than just the discount.


  9. (verified owner):
    Andrew Arnold

    Love it. Easy install. Going to be hard to drive without it now that I’m getting spoiled.

  10. (verified owner):
    Adam Rooks

    Works as described! No throttle lag whatsoever! Delivered timely too. Wish it was 100 dollars cheaper though 😉

  11. (verified owner):
    mike st germain

    nice product, great service

  12. (verified owner):

    WOW….it not only works but REALLY WORKS GREAT! Installed on my 2016 Ram Rebel. You have to be careful on some of the higher sport & sport+ settings because it will literally burn off your rear tires when just touching the gas pedal. Awesome product!

  13. (verified owner):
    Tim Swope

    I am always a non believer about these type of products but after the install and first drive with the sport +3 mode i am really impressed as the instant response. I wish the throttle was always this responsive.

  14. (verified owner):
    Eric Aikens

    Definitely worth the money!!!

  15. (verified owner):
    Rosario Logozzo

    Product arrived fast and in great shape. Haven’t been able to install it yet but I’m sure that I’ll be pleased

  16. (verified owner):
    Joey Griebel

    The shipping was a little slow, but I am very happy with the product. Install was easy and it gave me just that little extra throttle response I was looking for in city mode

  17. (verified owner):
    Anthony Kujawa

    I was skeptical but it actually works!!! Really really cool!

  18. (verified owner):
    Matthew Rothenberger

    Ships fast, 5 minutes to install and “WoW” it makes a huge difference in throttle response.

  19. (verified owner):
    Paul Jordan

    What a difference in my 2017 JKU! Great product makes my Jeep much more enjoyable to drive.

  20. (verified owner):
    Jeremy Bellflower

    amazing product! My ram Drives like a sports car now! Completely different truck!

  21. (verified owner):
    Jesse Trimble

    Love it! Does exactly what it said it would. Some of the best money i ever spend on a vehicle.

  22. (verified owner):
    Sara Jones

    This was purchased asa Christmas gift for my son and has not even been opened. Will be opened 12/25!

  23. (verified owner):
    Christopher Sharpe

    Best mod I ever made to my Jeep Rubicon. Totally woke up my automatic! Love it! 100% would recommend this product to anyone. Customer service was great as well. Very satisfied customer!

  24. (verified owner):
    Chris Snell

    The Pedal Commander is the real deal. My Ram Rebel is even more fun to drive than before.

  25. (verified owner):
    Victor Montenegro

    Awesome product, amazing response, definitely puts a smile on my face whenever I step on the gas pedal

  26. (verified owner):
    Roger Tillery

    Really upped the fun factor in my Jeep. Thanks for a great procuct.

  27. (verified owner):
    Jason Grant

    Driving the Jeep is so much more fun!

  28. (verified owner):
    Dylan Moen

    Shipping was tight on schedule 😉

  29. (verified owner):
    Wilmer Varner

    Pedal commander is extremely easy to install. The difference in the throttle response has greatly improved. I would recommend my friends and family to purchase one.

  30. (verified owner):
    Juan Flores

    Very awesome product it definitely changed my 0-60 times, 1/4th of mile times at the track and response when driving. The eco boost is perfect for long trips and saving gas. My only complaint and reason why I give it a 4 is because I can’t change the modes while driving. It would make it perfect if I’m on the freeway and I can go from eco to sport + when needed for fun times. I drive a 2017 Dodge Charger hellcat btw.

  31. (verified owner):
    James Hughes

    Awesome product. Easy install. Incredible company/service (i.e., tracking, shipping, packaging, e-mail/website). Most importantly it puts the power down!

  32. (verified owner):
    steven Jaquez

    Works as advertised.very easy to install

  33. (verified owner):
    John Vaartjes

    I was hesitant about spending close to $300 on a “programmer” that doesn’t actually add any horsepower. But, I’m so happy I did. The increased throttle response from this thing is amazing. It makes my 2014 Jeep Wrangler come alive and so much more fun to drive. It took all of 15mins to install including mounting the control unit. Don’t waste your money on the other bolt ons until you try the Pedal Commander. Much better results than a cold air intake.

  34. (verified owner):
    Rusty Nesvig

    Any feedback about it burning up the gas pedal system? Happened to a friend with a charger and I’m concerned for my challenger. So far so good though. Great job

  35. (verified owner):
    Tim Salzman

    As expected very happy with throttle response! Changes the way my Ram drives!

  36. (verified owner):
    Mauricio Ibarra

    I’m very happy with my new toy

  37. (verified owner):
    Brian Nussle

    Awesome service super quick shipping

  38. (verified owner):

    Awesome throttle response! Very happy with product, going to purchase another for my challenger soon!

  39. (verified owner):
    Dennis MacQuillaim

    I bought the Pedal Commander for my 2013 Jeep JKU Rubicon, 6 speed manual transmission. This was an easy install (I posted how I installed mine on You Tube). It works insanely well. I have some engine modifications that already had my Jeep jumping off the line but this really made the Jeep jump. With that said my only issue is for a manual transmission if I put the Pedal Commander in Sport mode #4 plus I basically lose 1st gear. I have to start from 2nd. I tried Sport plus but it was just way to much for my Jeep. Keeping it in City #1 plus is about all I need to get around town. Now if I was going to tow a heavy trailer I could possibly see using the Sport plus mode, something I will have to try to see if that is a good use of Sport plus. I have noticed that the MPG average has gone down .3 but it still does better than my old Sequoia! I only gave this 4 stars because I have not been able to use it to it’s full potential. For where it is now though it is a 5 star upgrade. I bought mine from Pedal Commander instead of another site that offered it cheaper because I wanted one that was not used. Plus I got some cool stickers and a neck thingy that holds something around your neck or just dangles out your back pocket if that is what you like.

  40. (verified owner):
    Joshua Zuchowski

    Your service was great and fast. The Pedal Commander was a great add on to my Ram!!

  41. (verified owner):
    Kenneth Kersey

    The product is GREAT. It works exactly as advertised and really revitalized my love for my truck. You can adjust the throttle response and make it just a little more sensitive or make that thing like a hair trigger!

  42. (verified owner):
    ryan smith

    Excellent product. Makes a totally huge difference in throttle response.
    Company did good with shipping and no hidden costs being shipped to Canada.
    Price is not something to be desired though.

  43. (verified owner):
    Chris Courtney

    I was skeptical about this device at first, but after reading all the reviews I decided to give it a shot. WOW, I’m so glad I did. This is truly an add on that gives your vehicle the proper throttle response it deserves. It broke my Hemi free of it’s laggy pedal, ECU driven chains, and set it free to do what it was suppose to do. Drop some HP on the pavement and roar like the beast it is. Do yourself a favor and get this for your vehicle. It’s so easy to use and setup. The different modes are great. If you want to save a little gas and go light on the pedal ECO or City mode work perfectly. Feel like getting a little sporty, then Sport mode is your answer. Want to put that punk with his fart box racer in his place… Sport+ does the trick.

  44. (verified owner):
    Chris Allen

    I absolutely love this product. Thank you!

  45. (verified owner):
    Gabe Rein

    I like the product! It has far surpassed what I thought it would do!! My only complaint is the price, honestly I think it should be half the cost!!

  46. (verified owner):
    Paul Palmer

    This is what they claim it to be!! Buy it! No BS! The communication from them is the most superior I have ever received! I sell Mopar vehicles, and you definitely get your money’s worth.

  47. (verified owner):
    Keith Boring

    Works exceptionally well on my 2018 Dodge Ram Rebel!

  48. (verified owner):
    Roy Gowers

    Great working product. Works like people say . Delivery in just 24hrs15 mins to Florida from California. Amazing.

  49. (verified owner):
    Mitch Perreault

    It feels like a whole new truck! I don’t think i’d be able to even drive my Ram without the Pedal Commander. Within 4 days of owning it I had to buy another for my dad, it’s that good.

  50. (verified owner):
    Demeko Berry

    Very happy with the unit, it provided an unexpected change in the performance of my 2017 Ram sport. As advertised EXCELLENT PRODUCT!

  51. (verified owner):
    Tawana Morris

    My husband loves the pedal. He was very pleased and surprised. His truck has a little too much pep for me to drive now.

  52. (verified owner):
    Jason McQueary

    Adjustments are night and day. Made my v6 feel like a v8

  53. (verified owner):
    Frank Lanier

    The coolest mod I have installed on my Ram 1500. The difference is unbelievable. I would definitely recommend this product. Anyone considering this will not be disappointed. Just read all the reviews!

  54. (verified owner):
    Keith Kuberek

    A tad annoying to install, but still doable. It makes my 2016 JKU more enjoyable to drive. The Jeep always felt powerless and anemic before I installed the PC. Much better!

  55. (verified owner):
    gene epting

    Great product

  56. (verified owner):
    David Traywick


  57. (verified owner):
    Hugo Amoedo

    Had to return it since wife didn’t want it but i loved it

  58. (verified owner):
    Hunter Hogan

    It’s what I expected, I love the sensitivity!

  59. (verified owner):
    Kelvin Andrews

    Great product

  60. (verified owner):
    Matt Schwartz

    Fast shipping! Works very good! You can tell a difference!

  61. (verified owner):
    Michael Elston

    like it a lot

  62. (verified owner):
    Beverley Morrison

    Good service

  63. (verified owner):
    TJ Smith

    Awesome product! Brought my jeep to life!

  64. (verified owner):
    Jason Richard

    I was hesitant about this product at first but let me tell you this thing is incredible. I don’t know how it works honestly but it does. The throttle response is insane. You really can’t daily drive in sport plus mode +4 because of the power. It will throw u back into your seat. I use eco mode +2 for daily driving and it’s perfect for my “16” grandcherokee. I highly recommend this product. It’s fun to play with the modes and play with the power you never knew u had

  65. (verified owner):
    James Thompson

    Love it!

  66. (verified owner):
    billy moore

    pretty nice makes a huge difference

  67. (verified owner):
    Egnis Gonzalez Ortiz

    Excellent Product

  68. (verified owner):
    Miguel Valero

    Love it!

  69. (verified owner):
    Michael Coleman

    AWESOME PRODUCT!! Added this to my 2015 Ram 2500 with 6.4 Hemi motor. What a difference it has made to a truck that I thought was impressive to begin with. I didn’t realize how sluggish the accelerator actually was until I installed Pedal Commander. Now I have instant acceleration…from subtle to rocket ship! Definitely a best “bang for your buck” product in my opinion!

  70. (verified owner):
    Jose Rios

    Installed on my 2013 ram 4.7 and you feel a big difference in pedal and throttle response.

  71. (verified owner):
    mickey martin

    I love the pedal commander. I actually let a buddy drive the truck with it on sport + +4 and he loves the way it acts and plans on putting one on his challenger. beautiful item but I would recommend if you have a truck like mine buying a tuner as well. the two would go beautiful like they were made together. definently love the eco mode as well, been a long time since I have seen 14 mpg as my truck is quite modified. I run 305 55 20 on steel rims. also leveled the truck out. keep up the good work pedal commander!

  72. (verified owner):
    Paul Martinez

    The best thing to happen to my car!

  73. (verified owner):
    Brian Lewis

    Really nice increase in throttle response; install was tough because of where Jeep hides the harness.

  74. (verified owner):
    Rodney Hinkle

    With all the positive posts about the pedal commander on the Ram and Rebel forums, I had to get one for my 2017 Rebel. With a 2 minute install and ability to simply switch settings on the go to find the perfect power output makes this device a must have. It will put a smile on your face going from City to Sport +(4) until the wife slaps the happy out of you.

  75. (verified owner):
    steven domangue

    Awesome love how it takes the delay of pedal

  76. (verified owner):
    Harold Luke

    A instant improvement..I still can’t believe how much better the throttle response is

  77. (verified owner):
    David Robinson

    Excellent product

  78. (verified owner):
    Eleasit Escobar

    Install my Pedal Commander to a 2016 Dodge Ram Sport. My first reaction was, WOW! I notice the difference instantly. My truck has never been more responsive. The difference is even noticed in City Mode. Installation was simple and quick. It does everything as advertises.

  79. (verified owner):
    Vincent Falcinelli

    Awesome product!

  80. (verified owner):
    Wayne Charette

    The difference was amazing best $299.99 I ever spent!!

  81. (verified owner):
    Bobby Bowen

    My truck hit in a hit and run accident before I got a chance to install this so it is just sitting on the shelf at my house right now

  82. (verified owner):
    Paul Jolicoeur

    It is an amazing product. A little difficult to install, as access in my Wrangler was tricky, but was definitely worth it. Love it!

  83. (verified owner):
    Seth McMahan

    All I can say is WOW! I can’t believe the difference that the Pedal Commander made in my 2012 jk. It takes every bit of throttle lag out even on the low settings. I wish this would have been the first mod I did to my jeep. Very satisfied with my purchase. If you have a jk and want better throttle response don’t hesitate and just order one. You won’t regret it. I promise you that.

  84. (verified owner):
    nick jones

    nice throttle response chip ; but how fist does one need to go ? how fast does my computer need to work ; slow down be safe ….

  85. (verified owner):
    Bill Rodgers

    I have a 2017 Ram 1500 Crew Cab. With electronic acceleration the Ram was slow to respond, too much lag response. I installed the Pedal Commander, and instantly my new Ram became a beast. Pedal Commander allows me to utilize the true horsepower my HEMI produces with zero lag response. Pedal Commander is by far the best upgrade I’ve purchased. Recommend to anyone.

  86. (verified owner):
    Kelly Martin

    Awesome little feature

  87. (verified owner):
    Des Faulkner

    Brilliant delivery time – all the way to the UK in 3 days.

  88. (verified owner):
    Austin Mager

    Very happy with the device, gave me the expected throttle boost and makes the truck more enjoyable.

  89. (verified owner):
    Todd Benson

    2011 Ram 1500 – Quick shipping and very easy install. Very happy with purchase!

  90. (verified owner):
    Devon Dunn

    I love it on my ram 1500

  91. (verified owner):
    James creech

    Fucking awesome

  92. (verified owner):
    Joshua Andrew

    What a fantastic product. Plus it has definitely improved my gas milage on my 2017 Dodge Ram

  93. (verified owner):
    Chris Summers

    Love it!!!!

  94. (verified owner):
    Aquinas Kenrog

    Its worth it. Awesome result.

  95. (verified owner):
    Dwayne Weiss

    A very noticeable difference with throttle response! Great product.

  96. (verified owner):
    James Ferry

    Just what my Challenger needed. Throttle response is perfect now, no lag just hit the gas and she takes off. I don’t drive my car much in the winter but sure did have some fun today after installing the Pedal Commander. A must have in my book. Great product and worth every penny. Can’t wait till springtime.

  97. (verified owner):
    Benjamin Petterson

    I love it made a big difference

  98. (verified owner):
    Eric Lupinsky

    Perceived vehicle throttle reaction is much quicker with this unit installed – does exactly what I expected. One issue though – controller mount/bracket does not hold unit well (is mounted under steering column) and has already lost one of the four “fingers” that holds the controller. Would like to see a better/more robust bracket.

  99. (verified owner):
    Mark Morreal

    OMG ! worth every cent….dont think twice. 2017 Rebel 5.7

  100. (verified owner):
    Josh Zimmerman

    Love it. Use daily on city 3 or sport -2 to avoid chirping tires, really helped to improve overall driveability. Sport is awesome but annoys my wife, who complains I was stomping on it too much, LOL!

  101. (verified owner):
    Jeremy Hendrickson

    Great product shipped fast

  102. (verified owner):
    Richard Edgar

    Works as promised, difference is day & night.

  103. (verified owner):
    Marcel Basque

    Product works great. Exactly as advertised. Got it for my 5.7 hemi, ram 1500. Couldn’t drive without out it now. Adjustability of the device is great for all road conditions. I live in Niagara Falls Canada and no issues with shipping. Shipped in a week.

  104. (verified owner):
    Michael Banacki

    Makes driving much more enjoyable. A bit expensive though.

  105. (verified owner):
    Michael Simpson

    Excellent device

  106. (verified owner):
    Dominic puccio

    I have owned older tuned diesels and they react about like this . It’s great on my CTD actually feels like 375 hp.

  107. (verified owner):
    Abraham Gomez

    It does what it says, almost eliminates 100% of throttle delay. I give this a 5 star rating however 4 star price. Its a bit expensive for something so small and easy to install. I’d say only buy this when there is deal for it. I got mine 15% off and that was doable. Don’t get me wrong, I think everyone should have this in an electronically controlled throttle vehicle. Installed this in my 2014 Ram, and in Sport and Sport+ its instant burnout from a dead stop if I don’t have traction control on. I drive around in City+3 and really enjoy it. Furthermore the ECO mode makes the vehicle shift smoother and ive noticed a small MPG gain. And also lost a ton of MPG because I cant keep my foot out of it. Makes the car overall more enjoyable to drive vs stock. Should be one of the first mods you do to a Ram.

  108. (verified owner):
    Jeremy Watts

    Was very iffy when purchasing your product but finally decided to pull the trigger and make the purchase and so glad that I did!! Love it, brings out more of my trucks potential.
    Definitely will and have recommended this product to others

  109. (verified owner):
    Melany Staton

    freaking awesome on a 2017 Cummins

  110. (verified owner):
    Marcel Contreras

    I love it,fast shipping but the only thing the box that the peddal commander came in was not seald and beat up but the peddal comander look new is that how you guys sell them just wondering

  111. (verified owner):
    Randall Munger

    By far best engine related mod I have done to any car. Will probably purchase for my Audi TT as well. Incredible product!

  112. (verified owner):

    oh yeah – it works!!! 2015 RAM Black Express 5.7L HEMI

  113. (verified owner):
    Joe Orlando

    Awesome device. Unreal how the device changes the response. Good job pedal commander.

  114. (verified owner):
    Pat Duval

    As promised the difference is night and day. Remarkable. Good job

  115. (verified owner):
    Lou Lengerman

    Product is awesome. Put it on my 17 Rebel in about two minutes and can instantly feel difference in throttle response. The only thing that is funny and will have to work out in time is the transmission deciding how low a gear to drop to when stomping on gas while already cruising. These newer trans are always learning your behavior so it will smooth out but overall well worth the money. I tried reaching out to sales to let them know I accidentally used the wrong card and wanted to get a refund and charge the proper account but I never heard back?

  116. (verified owner):
    Greg Turner

    I bought my 2016 Scat Pack Challenger to bracket race in NHRA sportsman class. Car is factory stock with no mods other than M/T drag radials. The issue I was having with the car was inconsistent reaction times. I’ve been bracket racing a long time so I can find my spot on the tree, the car would never launch the same way twice. My reaction time would very from .900 green to .050 red hitting the gas the same every time on the same spot on the tree. Everyone was telling me that I had to get a “tune” in the car to help that but I didn’t want to void the warranty. Did some research on the net & found Pedal Commander with their money back guarantee if not satisfied statement. I figured I had nothing to lose just to try it before spending $1000 on a tune that voided my warranty.
    First time at the track I strung 4 reaction times between .040 to .016!
    Plus their was one other benefit that I wasn’t expecting, the car picked up 4 hundredths in 60′ & a full tenth in the 1/4 from what it ever ran before.
    So the Pedal Commander did exactly what they claimed it would do & I’m very happy with the results.

  117. (verified owner):
    Joseph Roman

    My 2017 RAM 1500 5.7L Hemi now feels like it should have all along, I find that Sport +2 is the perfect setting for me. A couple of times I turned the Pedal Commander off just to compare and gosh it felt like there was something wrong with my truck. You will not be sorry!

  118. (verified owner):
    Brad Brannon

    Pedal Commander made my Challenger RT like a different car! Easiest mod I have ever done.

  119. (verified owner):
    Jason Strachan

    What a f*****g difference I really enjoy!!!

  120. (verified owner):
    Mark Ayling

    Works great in my RAM 1500! Would not want to be without it.

  121. (verified owner):
    William Picardel

    Very fast delivery. Easy to use good service.

  122. (verified owner):
    Matt Hicks

    Wakes up the Hemi for sure. Be careful in Sport Plus mode!

  123. (verified owner):
    Ivan Sanchez

    Nice throttle response good stuff

  124. (verified owner):
    Richard Schosberg

    The product works exactly as indicated on the videos. Hook up was simple and any questions I had were answered in a timely fashion. Terrific product!

  125. (verified owner):
    Samuel Leclair

    Great product

  126. (verified owner):
    Jack Cherry

    I got this item after a friend got one for his Ram Rebel, I have a Ram Laramie and it does definitely wake up the Hemi. I drive around in just Sport mode and that gives me a very pleasurable driving experience . Plenty of power when wanted with quick response. When playing around in Sport Mode +4 MDS turned off and traction control off, its really a beast, but fun as hell. Best performance device to have with a 5 minute install and price of $299.00.

  127. (verified owner):
    Jermey Botkin

    Easy and quick install. Results were immediate. My 2017 Ram Power Wagon has never been quicker leaving a light.

  128. (verified owner):
    Justin Covey

    This thing is awesome. I can really tell the difference!

  129. (verified owner):
    Mike Svetlik

    Delivered quickly and is working as expected so far. I will need a few more weeks to fully evaluate all of the settings available.

  130. (verified owner):
    Shawn Singleton

    Great product great throttle response on my 5-7 Hemi

  131. (verified owner):
    Brian Hickey

    Pedal commander is what every Dodge Ram off the lot needs, hands down. Love it.

  132. (verified owner):
    Robert Clevenger

    Amazing difference, instant response

  133. (verified owner):
    Mathew Dalke

    Having reduced to zero throttle delay is great. Only issue I have is the 3m adhesive doesn’t stick after the sun warms up the inside of vehicle. Not wanting to drill holes in my dash board I will deal with it and eventually try a different double sided tape.

  134. :
    Mike Bales

    What the hell !!!!! Wow !!!!!!! I would of paid a lot more for this !!!!!! This product is a must have I now have a completely different truck!!! Night and day difference!!!!

  135. (verified owner):
    Laura Root

    Although I haven’t gave it to my husband for his birthday yet, I know he’s going to love it. He researches everything. 🙂

  136. (verified owner):
    Danny Werline

    This thing is awesome. Does everything it says. Easy to install.

  137. (verified owner):
    David Paulsen

    I. Like it a. Lot. Fun fun fun

  138. (verified owner):
    Travis Calhoun


  139. (verified owner):
    Derek Gordon

    I got the Pedal Commander for my 2013 V6 Challenger. What a difference!! Makes for fun driving, but gonna have drive in ECO for a while. Too much fun = too much gas! Awesome product!! Told my son, he got one for his 392 Charger. And, he loves it!

  140. (verified owner):
    Chris Ochs

    Absolutely the best performance mod I’ve ever done on a vehicle. Amazing!

  141. (verified owner):
    Brandy Centeno

    Very good product!

  142. (verified owner):
    Michael Lyles

    One of the best mods I have done to my truck so far. The lag in the pedal was killing me.

  143. (verified owner):
    Simon Wagner

    Very good product. Easy install, response is instant and you can easily adjust settings for your driving style.

  144. (verified owner):
    Matthew Meneou

    Holy shiznit! Great upgrade for your Ram.

  145. (verified owner):
    William Niette

    Makes my truck accelerate like it should

  146. (verified owner):
    Norm Dorr

    I could not believe the difference in performance, fantastic!

  147. (verified owner):
    William Keeler

    This throttle Commander is the coolest this,on the market! It’s easy to install and wakes the car,up! Great investment! 5 stars!

  148. (verified owner):
    Michael Fuqua

    Very satisfied. In fact, I had to lower the setting some due to the speed limit on base.

  149. (verified owner):
    John Ryzowicz

    Happy Customers as always with Pedal Commander

  150. (verified owner):
    Brian Strauss

    I love it. Believe it or not I have a 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi. It has over 150,000 miles. I installed petal commander and it feels like I just bought my truck. Take offs will throw you back on your seat. It works! It works! It works!

  151. (verified owner):
    Ahmed Khatee Zada

    Great product, i like it.

  152. (verified owner):
    Brittany Rock

    My husband is very happy with this on his ram 1500.

  153. (verified owner):
    Joshua Price

    So, I recieved the peddle commander around 5 days ago. I work out of town so I just came home and was extremely excited to install it. I watched a YouTube video about installation as I was opening my package. I quickly noticed the I was missing the two sided Velcro and the “bracket” that the peddle commander sits on had one of the four “arms” broken off from it. Is there anything that I could do about this ?

    • :

      Hi Joshua,

      Sorry about that! Please send me an email ( with your order number and I’ll get replacements sent out to you ASAP!

  154. (verified owner):
    Charles Edwards

    Omg it’s like driving a f16 jet

  155. (verified owner):
    David Mickle

    Definitely no joke. This is what my truck was lacking.

  156. (verified owner):
    Raymond Carter

    Awesome love it

  157. (verified owner):
    Shaun Paul

    Excellent turn around and Customer service

  158. (verified owner):
    Robert L Straight III

    Delivery of pedal commander was fast. I ordered it on a Wednesday and had it on Saturday. The product itself is amazing, it feels like a completely different truck. If I didn’t know better I’d swear someone put a tune in my truck. I would recommend this product to everyone.

  159. (verified owner):
    John Dean

    Installation a little dicey on 2017 Recon with Trans. module ( or whatever it is ) in the way. However, the improved drivability of my JK made up for this. Awesome product/ quick delivery… very happy.

  160. (verified owner):
    Jean-Philippe Lachaine

    Good product !

  161. (verified owner):
    Don Szafransky

    Easy to install, works great! Still getting used to my gas pedal working like it should, NO delay….

  162. (verified owner):
    Enrique Ramirez

    I have 2009 Dogde Ram 1500 5.7 and it loves the pedal commander.

  163. (verified owner):
    Frederick Wilcoxson

    order was delivered faster than expected it makes a big differance for the truck

  164. (verified owner):
    Mark Gentry

    works as advertised

  165. (verified owner):
    Steeve Dubord

    Very nice product

  166. (verified owner):
    David Norton

    Very satisfied with the ease of instal and the instant noticablity in the throttle response over factory. A must have for any ram owner

  167. (verified owner):
    Nathaniel Garland

    Great product only wish it was a little cheaper. But other then that it definitely changes the throttle response!

  168. (verified owner):
    Jeffrey Taylor

    Changed everything about my Jeep I tow every day and wow it’s great

  169. (verified owner):
    Jeff Jackson


  170. (verified owner):
    Allan Pederson

    The pedal commander works great on my 2014 Ram,it has quicker throttle response and and you can really feel the extra horsepower and torq that was hiding away in the Hemi .I’m very happy with it, I wouldn’t drive without it.

  171. (verified owner):
    Leroy Pham

    shit is badbass gas saver also!

  172. (verified owner):
    Garrett Sedgwick

    Awesome my V6 acts like a V8 now!!

  173. (verified owner):
    Rob McKisick

    Product works great. Can’t believe it changed my trucks response so much.

  174. (verified owner):
    Brian Lumadue

    Hands down, this is the best modification we’ve made to our Wrangler. I actually thought the thing was underpowered or improperly geared. Now it drives like a normal modern vehicle. Outstanding.

  175. (verified owner):
    Erik Tollestrup

    Buy it ! You wont regret it.

  176. (verified owner):
    Jim Elliott

    The product itself is very easy to install and appears to work great. I would have given it 5 Stars except for the fact that the app does not work at all. The app freezes on the disclaimer page and it looks like you need to scroll to the bottom to accept the disclaimer. But it will not move down to do that. So at this point the Bluetooth functions appear to be useless.

    • :

      Hey Jim, sorry about that. We’ve been testing and using the app for weeks, can you contact me with screenshots regarding the issue you’re having? We’d love the opportunity to get it taken care of for you.

      Please email me:

  177. (verified owner):
    Eugene Wallace

    Works like a charm!! Awesome product!

  178. (verified owner):
    Reed Tolbert

    Haven’t drove the car as of yet.Had a problem with BT, called tech the person I spoke with very helpful and friendly. Problem solved Thank You

  179. (verified owner):
    Jerry Thurman

    Best money spent, works as described. Scared the hell out of myself. Will be recommending to everyone. Thanks for a great product.

  180. (verified owner):
    Jason Sinclair

    I have done aftermarket exhaust, cold air intake and clutch fan delete and this is by far the best money I have spent, instant response! Never knew I was driving a brick, can’t believe the response and I’m just running sport mode 0 setting! This is a must have no matter what vehicle I own in the future. Pedal commander will be on them all!!

  181. (verified owner):
    Jason Lei Sam

    All I can say is WOW, THANK YOU PEDAL COMMANDER. It takes 5 minutes to install check engine light it came on for a few seconds and it went away took it for a test drive and it was amazing the best quick take off ever that my 2014 5.7 HEMI has ever done thank you guys.

  182. (verified owner):
    Gary Orner

    I was skeptical at 1st, But it only took me 10 minutes to realize how excellent your product is. It really woke up my 6.7L
    Cummins diesel. No more dead spot or lag, And the powers exceptionally great. The installations exceptionally great it took me only about 10 minutes. I would say the only problem I had. I have no cons against it, Or is that a good thing. a product that works like it’s supposed to. You guys at pedal commander did a excellent job. Thank you.

  183. (verified owner):
    Michael Pacotti

    Lovin it!

  184. (verified owner):
    Chris Yamaguchi

    This product is worth all the hype! As long as you know that it does NOT add horsepower to your car, but that it makes your throttle more responsive, you will be absolutely thrilled with this product! I have already recommended it to friends who have ordered it. Completely satisfied. Also, it got to me earlier than promised!

  185. (verified owner):
    Leander Beams

    Easy install, compact and having it Bluetooth compatible allows me to mount it out of sight by controlling throttle response with my iPhone! Did I mention that my RAM 1500 HEMI’s true potential has now been unleashed with the pedal commander!!!! Simply awesome and a must for any vehicle with a HEMI!!!

  186. (verified owner):
    Steve Wheeler

    Great product, very well packaged. Very satisfied

  187. (verified owner):
    Juan Sagaribay

    I was interested in the pedal commander and I read a message about Bluetooth. I pre-ordered immediately for the April 2nd shipping! Holy cow! It was in my mailbox on the 2nd of April! I immediately installed it which took about 2 minutes and didn’t bother trying to find a location to mount. I preferred to hide it behind the dashboard and use my phone to control it. It allowed me to keep my interior nice and clean. As for the product, I love it. It’s brought the hemi to life and it feels like a real truck now! I highly recommend it. As for all the comments about grinning, it’s true, once installed you can’t help but grin every time you step on the accelerator pedal!

  188. (verified owner):
    Megan Parlagreco

    Definitely improves the response time by alot! Jeep JKU excellarates now!

  189. (verified owner):
    Carl Alterio

    Improved response. Easy install. Worth the money.

  190. (verified owner):
    Manny Luna

    Love the Bluetooth capability, I was able to hide my pedal commander and just activate it from my phone.

  191. (verified owner):
    Brian Essig

    This is the product I have been waiting for. It is good to see a company deliver on their marketing promises. I have a 2012 Ram 1500 Sport and one of the few complaints I had is slow throttle response at times, especially from a stop. Well, that is a thing of the past. The pedal commander p31 is a beast. On the test drive after an easy install I spun the tires with traction control on without even trying. Buy this now if you want quicker throttle response. You won’t be disappointed.

  192. (verified owner):

    I was skeptical at first! But i was absolutely wrong. I will never drive with a stock pedal again. The difference this small little device is unbelievable. I usually do not write reviews. But this product deserves all the kudos it should get especially the developers. Great job. I already told 3 friends about it and purchased it. Its worth every cent. Don’t hesitate if your thinking about it like i did. I regret waiting. Wow.

  193. (verified owner):
    Vince Vandergoes

    Service was great. Out of stock when I inquired but they let me know as soon as it was in stock. Purchased it and it arrived international shipping within the wek. No problems. I did the install last night. It was easy and I originally made it harder than it needed to be. The blue tooth functionality is amazing and makes this so simple. So installed. Drove the car with it turned off. Car was as always had been but I wanted to ensure there was no I’ll install it and it feels great. I wanted an immediate comparison. Pulled over, turned it on and set it to sport mode. Straight away I noticed the difference. Crisper smoother acceleration. I pulled over again, upped the settings after half an hours driving and now believe its where I want it. Throttle response is great and as it should be. No more lad. I have MDS on my car and no lag when changing from MDS to normal mode. It doesn’t make the car more powerful, it uses the power available more effectively which makes the car feel and possibly faster. I did a 500 mile trip. I finally really enjoyed it. No negative effect on millage (maybe a little better, hard to say due to traffic conditions). Acceleration at all times was smother, faster and more responsive. This enabled faster acceleration when passing so as a result feels faster and more powerful. Winter here now however I will take it to the track in the summer and see if there is a difference to times. My car is a Dodge Challenger RT 2010. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who wants the car to perform the way it should. Thanks Guys.

  194. (verified owner):
    Michael Baronick

    Definitely did what I expected

  195. (verified owner):
    David Gray

    I have a 2017 ram 1500 bighorn crew cab 4×4. It is nothing less than amazing !!

  196. (verified owner):
    Filiberto Lopez

    I love it & I won’t be driving without it!!!

  197. (verified owner):
    Steven Gemme

    Works as described. Definitely takes the lag out. Using it in “city 2” and feel that’s the way the Grand Cherokee 5.7 should perform.

  198. (verified owner):
    Ali Corona

    Excelente producto

  199. (verified owner):
    Nick Tomaro

    This product us awesome, I have already recommended it to several people. My only complaint would be the velcro that is used for mounting. The sticky backing will mot stay adhered to my dash. I ended up purchasing different velcro from home depot. Great product otherwise.

  200. (verified owner):
    DQuan Hornbeak


  201. (verified owner):
    Terry Patterson

    All I can say is this is the best thing I have added to my 2017 Ram 1500. It feel like it has a 100 more horsepower

  202. (verified owner):
    William Survilla

    Fast shipping, this thing works!

  203. (verified owner):
    Werner Sprenger

    Well worth the money

  204. (verified owner):
    Scott Hammer

    Woke up my 2016 6.7 Cummins! No more sitting in the intersection waiting for the computer to put fuel to it! This won’t fix turbo lag, but don’t even consider a performance upgrade until you plug one of these in.

  205. (verified owner):
    Michael Santiago

    Wow incredible.

  206. (verified owner):
    Geordan Fitton

    Exactly what the car needed and what I was looking for. Very happy.

  207. (verified owner):
    Joseph karges

    This is the best thing I have Bought for my truck

  208. (verified owner):
    carmen troilo

    Awesome product, does what it says and great quality. Tons of fun!!!

  209. (verified owner):


  210. (verified owner):
    Reinaldo Reyes

    The pedal commander has converted my 2017 Dodge Charger RT in a totally different beast. The throttle response is incredible, not only does it make it feel like its tuned the sound it wakes up from the intake and exhaust is intoxicating! Awesome product and would definitely recommend.

  211. (verified owner):
    delvin Malonson

    Really good product.

  212. (verified owner):
    Guy Piskulic

    Blown away!!! Best product I have ever purchased. Thank you for the AWE factor

  213. (verified owner):
    Neil Llamas

    Made the car perform like it should. Better than factory setup.

  214. (verified owner):
    greg bowles

    works just as promised

  215. (verified owner):
    Eric Guidash

    Makes the jeep sooooo responsive

  216. (verified owner):
    Shawn Houghtaling

    1 question does it have the ability to lock out the negative 1-4 made a mistake and did it. I love it works well but like to be able to lock it out so I don’t accidentally do it again. Please feel free to call me 518-221-7157

    • :

      Hello Shawn,

      Unfortunately we dont have a way to “lock you out” from going into any of the modes or sensitivity levels.

  217. (verified owner):
    Thomas Beaman

    You read all these reviews and you just think it sounds to good to be true. I finally convinced myself to give it a try. Ram 3500 SRW with the 6.7 Cummins and Aisin transmission fully deleted and studded. I turned off my programming to see what this things really does. Wow. Just wow. Seriously. This is the response I wanted out of my programmer! This thing is worth it’s weight in gold. I give it a 10 and F’n TEN!!!

  218. (verified owner):
    Benjamin Goodman

    After watching multiple reviews on YouTube before I made the purchase I can happily confirm they are not bullshitting about the improved throttle response. My 17 challenger rt shaker has woken up alot.

  219. (verified owner):
    Librado Garza

    Pedal commander working just fine. Literally was just plug and play, took it out after letting engine cool down from running all day before testing, did what I expected it to do,

    Price not to friendly, but I’m really engine it, don’t really use eco mood much, but other levels I run constantly,

  220. (verified owner):
    Nick Crate

    This thing is amazing !!!
    It removed the lag from the gaz padal 100% of my 2017 Challenger
    And improved the overal car up & go acceleration i really like it now !!!
    It woke up the sound of my after market CAI and Catback too (^.^)
    For my taste i ended up setting it at just plain City it’s perfect now!!!
    I 100% recommend this product.
    Thank you Pedal Commander!

  221. (verified owner):
    Suri Sengsay

    Amazing! So far so Awesome! 1500 RAM 5.7 HEMI.

  222. (verified owner):
    Charles Woodard

    Absolutely amazing. I couldn’t be happier.

  223. (verified owner):
    Ricky Cooper II

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this product, it significantly improved the throttle response and ride of my 2015 Ram 1500. Highly recommend this for anyone that doesn’t want to risk a void of warranty. I did get a service engine light the day of my install but it must have been because of the proximity of my key fob, the light cleared on its own two days later.

  224. (verified owner):
    joseph cetrone

    Unbelievable throttle response now. Reaction time is much quicker

  225. (verified owner):
    harold lopez

    It works as advertised, im datisfied

  226. :
    Clarke Brown

    This was my first week of testing most of the settings and I must say that it’s a blast!!! . I was thinking of trading my 5.7 for hellcat, I feel that you saved me 60k. I ordered the Bluetooth model and tucked away all the extra stuff and run everything from my iPhone. It’s the beast I have always wanted, thanks to your company and staff. Clarke

  227. (verified owner):
    Joseph D’Eon

    Wow! That woke up my ‘17 Ram! Fast shipping too. Adhesive needs to be stronger. The unit has fallen off the dash 3 times.

  228. (verified owner):
    Gerald Brunet

    The PC31BT didn’t function with my 2017 Ram 1500, but the team bent over backwards to troubleshoot the problem. I’m confident that I will have one installed and functional in the future.

  229. (verified owner):
    Ted Headley

    Purchased the PC31 with Bluetooth for my 2016 Ram 1500 3.6L. Installed the module according to the instructions and after driving with it to my work I received an error code on my dash, “service electronic accelerator.”
    Not sure why this code is being generated. Maybe a faulty module. Ram has been serviced at every maintenance interval.

  230. (verified owner):
    Brandenn Barnes

    I have to say if you are looking for a product that will bring your v6-v8 alive this is it i love spot+ on level 4 for the highway or street it kicks you back in your seat but city driving city on level 4 is just right very very happy with this product and would recommend this to anyone very fast install 3 minutes for me unlug and plug in and go

  231. (verified owner):
    Alonzo Husband

    Best mod I have done on my 392 scat I love this product so easy to install. Keep up the great work!

  232. (verified owner):
    Jeremy Hogsed

    I would recommend to anyone with a Jeep Wrangler JK. I have the 3.6L and the pedal commander makes it come alive. I will never have another jeep without one.

  233. (verified owner):
    Jamie Fraser

    I have a 2018 ram 2500 6.4 hemi and wow did that make a difference. It will give you whiplash no. Throttle response is incredible. Going from a Cummins diesel to gas has put a smile back on my face. It’s a must for any vehicle with pedal lag.

  234. (verified owner):
    Ritchie Duncan

    i have a truck that has woken up and the response is wonderful i think it is a little better on gas as well thank you for such a great product

  235. (verified owner):
    Kevin Spelman

    I was hesitant at first about buying this product, a little expensive.
    I came across a review done by Extreme Terrain. Very good review. So I spent the buck to see if I can really get rid of the sluggish response when I step on the pedal. I received the product in just a few days and installed it right away. I would say that it is a VERY easy install if I didn’t have to stand on my head to see under the dash. Good thing I am a little guy. I am so happy I bought this. It does everything as advertised. Throttle response is outstanding now and I haven’t used all the settings yet. If you have added tires or bumpers, heavy items to your Jeep, I would not hesitate to recommend this product! Outstanding!!!!

  236. (verified owner):
    Mike Moran

    Uh…. Yeah this thing is awesome…

  237. (verified owner):
    Todd Taylor

    Ordered it, got it quickly, installed it, my Rubicon JKU is now the quick responding vehicle that it should be, not afraid to pull out into traffic, if you’ve considered purchasing this item, just do it dammit, you will not be disappointed. The bluetooth feature allows you to mount the unit under the dash, out of sight from prying eyes when you’re running topless/doorless. Absolutely love this product!

  238. (verified owner):
    David Stanton

    Ratings don’t go high enough, THAT’S what an accelerator pedal is supposed to feel like…& then some!!!

  239. (verified owner):
    Jeff Rhoden


  240. (verified owner):
    Marvin Emory

    Wicked improvement with this. My 392 HEMI screams with response. I run sport mode level 2 and it is all I need. Sports mode + haven’t tried yet. Cause I’m afraid I will be smoking my tires every time I take off. This thing is the real deal. Bring your engine to life.

  241. (verified owner):
    Bradley Davison

    I am both surprised and pleased.

  242. (verified owner):
    Curtis Beelman

    A-Mazing is the difference between stock and PC . Never going back. Period.

  243. (verified owner):

    Noticed a huge difference right away!!

  244. (verified owner):
    Ryan Gallant

    When it works it’s awesome. Unfortunately it causes the car to throw a check engine light often and puts the car in limp mode. Once I clear the code it’s all good for a while but makes me not want to use it unless I have my OBD code reader handy.

  245. (verified owner):
    Benjamin Logan

    It is a must have for the Ram Eco Diesel. I am very satisfied with my purchase. Wish I would have gotten it sooner.

  246. (verified owner):
    Marvin Stearns

    Works good would recommend it

  247. (verified owner):

    This thing is amazing. Pedal Commander gave my RAM low end power and quick response. I got it on city +2, it works the best for everyday driving. I got the Bluetooth model and installed it underneath the dash out of sight. I had it on the dash but with the heat the adhesive Velcro would fall off. I control the pedal commander thru the app.

  248. (verified owner):
    Peter Salamendra

    Lots of fun, great gas mileage!!!!!!!

  249. (verified owner):
    Anthony Vallone

    Is as advertised. For anyone not looking to do a tune this is the perfect mod. 2017 charger scatpack and power is there anytime you want it now, NO LAG!

  250. (verified owner):
    Eduardo Rodriguez

    Awesome. Plain awesome. The pedal commander completely changes how my challenger drives. It really does change the way it drives. Love it.

  251. (verified owner):
    Jay Sims Jr

    Fast Shipping and the product has made my Dodge Charger SXT a lot more fun to drive!!! Great product and worth the money!

  252. (verified owner):
    Shawn Stearns

    Great, would recommend

  253. (verified owner):
    Glenn Butler

    This product arrived in 4 days to Canada it was extremely easy to install and works exactly as advertised amazing I love it for my 2012 SRT challenger automatic no lag and wicked throttle response thanks peddle commander

  254. (verified owner):
    Lexs James

    I absolutely love this on my ram 5.7

  255. (verified owner):
    Richard Mendez

    Excellent product

  256. (verified owner):
    Michelle Warren

    The pedal Commander was exactly what they said it was. I keep my no sport Sport Plus is too aggressive. Doesn’t make the truck faster than it was but definitely makes it respond quicker takes all the slack out of the pedal and allows you to bark going down the road

  257. (verified owner):
    Anthony Petrella

    Excellent product. Definitely puts a smile on my face.

  258. (verified owner):
    Allen Bielas

    Very happy with it.

  259. (verified owner):
    Nick Orgera

    It’s an initial painful purchase. But once you use it. You won’t regret it. One of the best most productive purchases I made for my truck.

  260. (verified owner):
    Joseph Stanfill

    The pedal commander is bada** it does everything it says it will and more. I installed mine in my 2017 Challenger T/A straight neck snapper with the pedal commander! I would highly recommend the Pedal Commander to everyone!

  261. (verified owner):

    This gave my car new life

  262. (verified owner):
    Joseph Teixeira

    Absolutely AMAZING!! This product works EXACTLY as advertised. Took me less than 5 minutes to install in my 17 Challenger. It was like driving a completely different vehicle. 110% satisfied.

  263. (verified owner):
    Robert Stevens

    Worth the money I have a tuned 2015 charger rt immediate throttle response offers a better response over the tune easy install really kind of hard to mess up installing this product

  264. (verified owner):

    Amazing product, the lag time is pretty much disappeared. Feels like there is more power on acceleration.

  265. (verified owner):

    Awesome !! Installed one on my Ram Rebel and it is a different truck. I ordered one for my buddys Ram eco diesel and one for my Chevy Cruze turbo diesel. Very cool product..

  266. (verified owner):
    Doug Krultz

    City mode is how my charger should have come from the factory, nearly eliminated thottle lag and I have my engine’s full power available immediatly. Sport and sport plus are so much fun. Perfect mod to make my sports car feel like a sports car

  267. (verified owner):
    Danny Pham

    It works!!!

  268. (verified owner):
    Julie Allard

    Really good service !! Came all the way to canada at my door step in 5 days. Really does what the box says also really good easy steps to follow for installation

  269. (verified owner):
    Nick Grimard

    Installed on my 2018 Dodge Challenger and was amazed at the increased reaction time. It’s like driving a rocket.

  270. (verified owner):
    Joseph Madden

    Great service

  271. (verified owner):
    David Garrell

    I did not receive the lanyard that is supposed to come with the kit!!

    • :

      Hello David,

      We do not advertise a lanyard to come with the kit.

  272. (verified owner):
    Gary Feenster

    This is the best modification, producing the best results out of all of the Mod’s I have Done. Facts!!!

  273. (verified owner):
    Paul Lawson

    As a buying experience, super easy and super fast! As an accessory…Just hold on! Awesome addition to my already perfect truck! Thanks Pedal Commander!

  274. (verified owner):
    Bryan Poole

    Awesome unit , huge difference in throttle response , fast delivery and easy install !! Thanks pedal commander ive reccomended it to all my buddies

  275. (verified owner):
    stephen cherry

    Delivery on time, and I absolutely love this thing!! Thx!

  276. (verified owner):
    Antonio Franklin

    Service was outstanding but product I don’t feel is worth $330

  277. (verified owner):
    thomas reich

    Like the Bluetooth don’t like the price

  278. (verified owner):
    Kelvin Graves

    Caused my car to throw a pedal sensor code.CAUSED other problems with hard Acceleration from stand still. Took it out and sent it back.

  279. (verified owner):
    Tony Brighter

    Best thing since sliced bread. The difference the pedal commander made was remarkable. It now feels like I am driving a Hemi before everything went to ‘drive by wire’

  280. (verified owner):
    Lawrence Brueggen

    much better than expected -phenominal response

  281. (verified owner):
    Allen Mitchell

    This has got to be one of the most consistent and efficient modifications that I’ve done to this vehicle so far. This is a needed add on to any new vehicle that has electronic throttle control. And the best feature of the Pedal Commander is the ability to adjust its sensitivity. Great Job Pedal Commander. A+

  282. (verified owner):
    John Wyatt

    I think the price is a little high, but it works great. Ordered one for my son.

  283. (verified owner):
    Connor Ruffier

    Works exactly as advertised. I had a significant lag in acceleration at 40mph and 70mph in my 17’ Dodge Challenger RT and the Pedal Commander tool care of the issue.

  284. (verified owner):
    Danial Kenney

    Pedal Commander is amazing. Better than expected

  285. (verified owner):
    Anastacio Garcia

    Great plug and play. Very responsive and full adjustments. I highly recommend this product.

  286. (verified owner):
    Kyle W Larocque-mark

    Great product, noticed the difference right away and my other vehicles dont feel the same without it.

  287. (verified owner):
    Dylan Cave

    Works great! Only problem is the app crashes when I go to connect it to my phone. It has been improving gas mileage and d*** the sport modes defiantly open it up

  288. (verified owner):
    matthew reid

    Does exactly what it’s suppose to do. The response is amazing on my truck. The Bluetooth is just a bonus that makes it easier to change and adjust the levels. Plus I can hide the small module for a clean install.

  289. (verified owner):
    Leonard Ricciardi

    It’s does what it says. Notice sometimes it actually bogged down. Not sure why that happened. Hopefully that not a on going thing.

  290. (verified owner):
    Joseph Scallo

    You can feel the difference in response immediately. It can be like WOT when you tap the gas in sport+ or tamed down in Eco mode. The only problem I’m having, is getting the Bluetooth to connect to my Android radio through the app. The app works fine on my phone.

  291. (verified owner):
    Jeff Healy

    Unbelievable how it brought my 2016 R/T alive. It is an awesome device !

  292. (verified owner):
    Damion Ball

    After reading many reviews and taking consideration from those who Praise it as well as the Nay Sayers, I decided to take the plunge and I’m so happy I did.
    For those that are saying smashing on the Gas Pedal will get you the same results… Ummmmm… Maybe… BUT pressing lightly on the gas pedal sends me flying while Smashing on my pedal now sends me at warp speed.
    In other words… VERY NICE UPGRADE AND WELL WORTH IT. #WhatLag
    I’m now confident that when I’m merging into traffic and need my Jeep to get up and GO it will without that Hesitation most people have almost caused an accident (In my case DIED) from.

    Thanks PC

  293. (verified owner):
    Todd Mello

    Works as advertised. Far exceeded my expectations. Less than 7-10 minute install. Preinstalled the app and it connected to BT first try. Sport+ – Plus 4 is insane !!!!

  294. (verified owner):
    Alex Maciel

    It’s amazing, I noticed the difference right away! Would recommend to anyone. I’ll have this product on all my cars! Smile commander!

  295. (verified owner):
    Cameron Boone

    This product is absolutely amazing and the the staff is very helpful!!

  296. (verified owner):
    James Hansen

    WOW this was a great upgrade to my car and easy to install

  297. (verified owner):
    Khameel Newson

    Love it!!! Immediate response!!

  298. (verified owner):
    Josh Stuart

    Great product and excellent customer service!!!

  299. (verified owner):
    Roxanne Manzone

    The Pedal Commander has exceeded all of my expectations. I am very pleased with the increased performance of my 2015 Challenger with a 3.6 engine. The improved acceleration is awesome. It was money well spent as far as I am concerned. I highly recommend it.

  300. (verified owner):
    Jaime Hernandez

    Awesome product recommend to anybody to make your vehicle respond quicker

  301. (verified owner):
    Mitchell Miller

    Product works as advertised, still playing around with the settings to find what is best for me but I would recommend for anybody who is having dead pedal issues, personally I have found the highest setting in sport to be the best all around setting for my preferences, sport + is really sensitive and eco feels a lot like the stock setting, fuel mileage isn’t anything I’m too concerned about so I can’t comment on whether improved fuel mileage is attainable, but if I had to purchase again I wouldn’t hesitate. Great product!!!

  302. (verified owner):
    Matt Poirier

    Too legit to quit!! It’s the real deal and it will turn your ride into a beast.. Awesome product!!

  303. (verified owner):
    Brandon Burns

    Very fast shipping. Product did not solve the lag at start. Still have a 1 to 2 second lag at takeoff, I gues that’s how the diesel is with the turbo. I notice a big difference when driving very fast response.
    Overall very good product well worth the investment.

  304. (verified owner):
    Kerry West

    I ordered this for one of my customers. He was finally able to install it on his truck and he said and I quote it is like driving a Corvette now throttle response is immaculate and there is no lag. Would recommend to everyone.

  305. (verified owner):
    Kenny Michael

    Wow put it in my 2016 Jeep jku. Feels like I gained a 100 horse power

  306. (verified owner):
    Matthew Buckner

    The Bluetooth PC definitely improved the throttle response on my 2016 Ram 1500 5.7 HEMI. The bluetooth feature allows me to connect to my truck in an almost spiritual way. I hop in, open the app on my iPhone, and select the truck’s throttle response with a touch of my thumb! The only problem is my truck throws a code P2122 (Throttle position circuit low input) occasionally when I transition from Sport to City or visa versa.
    I haven’t taken the time to focus on it and work out the problem. It could be nothing more than user error. Besides, I prefer the City mode (+1,+2,+3) for daily driving anyways. Just this one mode alone has made my truck come alive and the PC has spoiled me (Big smile).
    I can’t see giving up my BT PC anytime soon.

    (4 stars because of the code issue)

    • :

      Hey Matthew!

      For the code, do you change from Sport to City mode while driving, or when the vehicle is stopped? If you change modes while driving, that is what is causing the throttle light. We always recommend coming to a complete stop before changing modes.

      Glad you’re enjoying it!

  307. (verified owner):
    Brian Barnhart

    How did you do? Fantastic! You can’t help but be skeptical about buying anything sight unseen. Though watching the videos online of countless and excited customers helped me with my decision. Very glad I made the purchase. It even arrived a day early, when does that happen!

  308. (verified owner):
    S M

    So far, hands down, the best upgrade to my JK! Makes me feel like I’m driving a different car. I keep mine on “Sport +4” in my ’08 six speed wrangler and I love it! If you have a Jeep, you need this!

  309. (verified owner):
    Magdiel Rosario

    Excellent so far.
    Very quick response.Never seen anything like it.

  310. (verified owner):
    Gary Lewis

    I have a 2014 Ram 1500 4×4 with a 5.7 Hemi engine, I added a dual exhaust system the cold air intake system and topped it off with the pedal commander WOW talk about a sweet sounding hot rod that has the power to back up the sound! The pedal commander unlocks and gives me what I have been missing out of the engine, it truly does what it claims and you will be more then happy!

  311. (verified owner):
    Ricky Walker

    Great product! Truly amazing! Soon as I cut it on I could feel the difference! I even had my friend ordered one! I have a Challenger R/T + 5.7 2014 .

  312. (verified owner):
    Faheem Grimsley

    Pedal commander is something serious. It’ll turn your car into something vicious especially a v8

  313. (verified owner):
    Kerry Skipper

    I was skeptical just like everyone else, another gimmick. I read numerous reviews all outstanding. Yes there are people who will say just buy a tuner , I read one gentleman’s review and he stated’ if you cant afford a tuner this is next best thing’ He was right the pedal commander in my charger is ******* awesome. City mode for me is satisfying, when the fun guy comes out in me sport 1 is a blast. Anyways people this product ELIMINATES THROTTLE LAG !!!Great job guys.

  314. (verified owner):
    Russell Flanders

    My buddy Dan said these throttle controls were worth looking into. I installed one on a Scat Pack Challenger 392 and I was very impressed. The motor seemed like it gained at least another 50 horsepower with very crisp throttle response. The first time we had the car out, the acceleration actually scared my wife. She and I couldn’t believe the difference. It’s hard to believe that these cars have that much throttle lag from the factory. Install a Pedal Commander and you won’t believe the difference!

  315. (verified owner):
    Erik Brix

    Excellent product, hard to believe it makes such a difference. One of the best upgrades I have done.

  316. (verified owner):
    Bret Ketcham

    Quick install and noticable modification.

  317. (verified owner):
    Guillermo Garibay

    Bluetooth doesn’t connect on first time. It usually connects after two or three try’s but other than that it works very well.

  318. (verified owner):
    Jeffrey Walter

    Works even better than I thought it would! I’m having a lot of fun with it.

  319. (verified owner):
    Shean Woods

    It was the best experience that I’ve had with an online company ever . Very prompt replies and very helpful. And the product exceeded my expectations!…

  320. (verified owner):
    James Dyson

    It’s the real deal!

  321. (verified owner):
    stephen stewart

    Works fantastic. Love the product. The response is amazing now. But right after I installed it and ran it something with my audio is now messed up. I dont know what happened but time for next fix

  322. (verified owner):
    Jeremy Laturnus

    1. Word. AWESOME!!! I feel like I have a new truck!! Thanks! Well worth the money

  323. :
    Shane Bent

    Overall the product wasn’t bad.

  324. (verified owner):
    Saaid Ihsan Abdulqader Abu Yassen

    It’s Fantastic unit never test like this before

  325. (verified owner):
    Gregory Ostovich

    Works awesome, but LED for ECO mode doesn’t illuminate. Not worth sending back because I never use it. I would have given 5 stars if it worked.

    • :

      Hi Gregory!

      To activate ECO mode, please press and hold the white star button for 3 seconds. This, along with other user instructions, are printed on the inside of the box.

  326. (verified owner):
    Reginald Henderson


  327. (verified owner):
    Mike Lynn

    Love the response , it’s like real throttle again

  328. (verified owner):
    Robert DeSanko

    Incredible !!!!!! Great product !! Just what my vehicle needed !! Thank You !!!!!!!!

  329. (verified owner):
    edward pavlich jr

    I think the price of the product can be reduced

  330. (verified owner):
    Gary Hanline

    I’m going to need plastic surgery to get the smile off my face!

  331. (verified owner):
    John Kessler


  332. (verified owner):
    Thomas Carr

    Easiest way to get a little more performance from your motor.

  333. (verified owner):
    Peter Scotto

    That hemi is woke now .

  334. (verified owner):
    harrison iager

    Nothing bad to say about it. Super fast and easy install, add a good bit of torque. spins my 35×12.50 on my ram 1500 like no other. Ps. Makes you wanna do donuts ;))

  335. (verified owner):
    Tony Martinez

    Love it. Made my challenger move quicker in the roll races. It’s a must have lots of fun

  336. (verified owner):
    rodney hensley

    Night and day difference and highly recommend.

  337. (verified owner):
    Mark Deason

    Pedal Commander was shipped super fast, thanks! I just got it installed yesterday, so I don’t have a ton of experience with it, but my initial thoughts are- WOW! Did exactly what I wanted it to do, take the slow dogged response of the throttle and make it snappy, even on my Goodyear 35’s. Couldn’t be happier so far, and can’t recommend it enough!
    Thanks Pedal Commander!

  338. (verified owner):
    Tony Quinn

    What are you waiting for? This is the upgrade you want.
    I own a 2016 RAM 1500 5.7L. Pedal Commander makes my truck sing.
    No other gadget livens up your vehicle like this one. I thought, Yeah I’ll pay a Grand for a Diablo computer, Yeah I’ll pay 800 for a Jet Tech Throttle body and Yeah I’ll put a cam in it. Boy was I wrong.
    I use the City 3 setting. Holy sh@t.
    All those other things do not compare to this device. Don’t waste your money with The others, but this. It’s the Best $300 I’ve ever spent. Thank you Pedal Commander crew.

  339. (verified owner):
    David Campbell

    I have to say I was shocked by what happened the first time I used it. I used Sport + and +4 setting on the P/C and was using Sport mode on my 5.7L Challenger which instantly spun up the wheels which was not what I wanted. However after playing with the settings I finally settled in on using the City +2, which for my Cold Air Intake system an AFE Momentum GT CAI seems to be the closest setting to mimicking a mechanical throttle linkage of which I am very pleased with. Product does what it says and you have numerous settings to get it set exactly like you want it.

  340. :
    Mel Abando

    Just installed mine and boy what a big difference in my acceleration. It was an easy install and programming on my Jeep Wrangler. Well worth the money for this product. Definitely a must have!!!

  341. (verified owner):
    Steve Pallister

    Used one on my 2011 wrangler. Worked so well we got another for our 2014 Chrysler 200s

  342. (verified owner):
    Jose Espinal

    I love the pedal commander! Now i can set my throttle response to my liking

  343. (verified owner):
    Scott Storms

    Nice product. I did throw a code today but I think its because i turned it on or off while driving. Waiting for engine light to go off

  344. :
    Janine Barkwell

    It’s great

  345. (verified owner):
    River Steele

    It is pretty amazing the difference. It is exactly what I wanted my 16 ram will definitely get up a lot faster. Would highly recommend.

  346. (verified owner):
    rob Bassett

    this thing is worth every penny. it makes my car finally FEEL like the way it should. i use the Sport setting, which provides a pretty linear feel to the pedal now, versus the stock pedal programming which is more of a slow curve to accelerate. thank you Pedal Commander!

  347. (verified owner):
    John Minnick

    Decent product that does improve throttle response which in return helps improve the automatic transmission moving through gears 2 through 4. Did not see any Improvement on initial take off or at highway speeds. Daily driving is an improvement but the best area of use for this product has been when I am Towing regards to the fact that it seems to hold the correct gear better than the Factory tow / haul mode.

  348. (verified owner):
    Dan Vallee

    Works great. Pricey thou

  349. (verified owner):
    Ricky Basso

    The Pedal Commander is an awesome product! It truly amplifies the performance/reaction, of the accelerator pedal. My 2012 Challenger SRT now has a new and exciting driving experience!

  350. (verified owner):
    Travis Dial

    True plug and play! No more throttle lag, absolutely love this thing. Get one, you won’t be disappointed!!

  351. (verified owner):
    justin parazader

    Best thing for responsiveness

  352. (verified owner):
    James Yaeger

    This thing is awesome!! It makes my Challenger feel like a different car… highly recommend

  353. (verified owner):
    Darryl Cruz

    Works great.big difference

  354. (verified owner):
    Lynn Holder

    Ordered for a family member and he said it worked great! Very quick delivery.

  355. (verified owner):
    Justin Brown

    Unbelievable! Really has taken care of the “dead” spot in acceleration! Very pleased

  356. (verified owner):
    Pedro Morales

    Easy to install, and an incredible difference in throttle response! Would highly recommend for anyone that is interested in the product!

  357. (verified owner):

    This product made a huge difference in the performance of my 17 RAM 2500 5.7 Hemi.

  358. (verified owner):
    Ernest Zynda

    This product is amazing. Could not believe the difference in throttle response. Truly satisfied.

  359. (verified owner):
    Clay Smith

    I have a 2015 JK. I feel like I have a different vehicle. It’s amazing. I’ve got my son and brother wanting to buy one now. So happy I didn’t waste my money on a Flashpaq. No, I didn’t gain any horsepower, but I feel like I’m getting everything out of my engine now. I only ran into one problem. I’m addicted. I refuse to turn it off!

  360. (verified owner):
    Robert Burford

    Excellent Product

  361. (verified owner):
    Donna Boardman

    works great ..does exactly what it says it does.

  362. (verified owner):
    Jason Ullstam

    I installed this in my 2017 Dodge Charger R/T… What a difference in response. I highly recommend Pedal Commander for any vehicle with a laggy throttle. Easy install and awesome driver experience!

  363. (verified owner):
    Neal Davidson

    I’m pleased with how fast I received my pedal commander and it did what it was supposed to do. Made my throttle very responsive!

  364. (verified owner):
    Anthony Dwyer

    This is absolutely amazing

  365. (verified owner):
    Pedro Torres

    Buy far the best $300 I’ve spent on any mod and can actually feel a huge difference not just slightly!!!! I drive a 2018 Dodge daytona 392 and it feels like I have long tube headers and I bigger throttle body. I leave it on the sport plus mode on it takes one getting use to because of the immediate throttle response. But, at the end of the day it’s all about that throttle response which get your car to move!!

  366. (verified owner):
    Gaetan Roy

    wow what a difference now its feel like i’m driving a V8. thank you very much
    fast delivery i can’t complain.

  367. (verified owner):
    Thomas Hooker Jr

    All of the other reviews say it all. I would like to add that the customer service aspect is just as good. I received multiple emails regarding the status of my order. I received my purchase in just a few days.

  368. (verified owner):
    Matthew Zabawa

    This product does exactly what it says I was very shocked in how it works changes the way you drive for the better!
    I highly recommend this product.

  369. (verified owner):
    Marco Young

    Great product.

  370. (verified owner):
    Dominick Scarpinato

    It turned my 392 from impressive to an absolute savage in sport+ +4. All of the modes are very noticeable and it works perfectly. Install was easy as well. Highly reccomend to anyone.

  371. (verified owner):
    Richard Brannon

    The only thing i would say is it should be more clearly stated that this product can NOT be changed on the fly, i had to limp mode my RAM home after doing that. Other than giving more specific instruction on using the device it is great.

  372. (verified owner):
    Deandrea Curtis

    I love it!!

  373. (verified owner):
    Afsheen NOORBAKHSH

    Amazing product! Must have mod!!

  374. (verified owner):
    Jason Barry

    Made my 7000# truck feel 2000# less. Get too aggressive you be buying tires alot!

  375. (verified owner):
    Richard Falcone

    Great product, works as advertised!!! Only down side is it should be less expensive…

  376. (verified owner):
    Mark Dempsky

    Awesome product,

  377. (verified owner):
    Nathaniel Draper

    Device works well as advertised. The Velcro did not stick to my dash even though I used the wipes. I recommend a higher quality Velcro. The box came with stickers that were already half off the backing making them useless.

  378. (verified owner):
    brock gravelle

    Best thing ever

  379. (verified owner):
    Douglas Numer

    great job

  380. (verified owner):
    Johnny Baldwin

    Works great! Helps the delay a lot.

  381. (verified owner):
    Giancarlo Santinelli

    I like the give way of the pedal this is a not a delay anymore

  382. (verified owner):
    Loretta Dawson

    Wow,easy installation less than 5 min and boy what a ready made a difference on excelleration while pulling my RV and lots of fun on sport mode at stop it money well spent

  383. (verified owner):
    Greg Nelson

    Quicker acceleration, better mpg

  384. (verified owner):
    Scott Yost

    Enjoy it. Dialed it in. Using the City +2 setting works best for my 2017 Ram 5.7 1500

  385. (verified owner):
    Richart Rozema

    Quick, save delivery. And very easy to install. All you need is included. very happy with it.

  386. (verified owner):
    Ryan Meder

    Fast delivery and easy install. Really wakes your car. LOVE IT!!!!

  387. (verified owner):
    Erick Russell

    The Pedal Commander works more than advertised!

  388. (verified owner):
    Raul Contreras

    So far the best mod I’ve purchased for my 2018 Ram Sport. The response change is incredible and it’s awesome how you can change it on the fly. Recommend to anyone!!

  389. (verified owner):
    David McGhee

    This really makes the car
    what a difference. I can’t be happier.

  390. (verified owner):
    Daniel Thrasher

    Great product, I love the immediate head-snapping response I get out of this device! Only knock I have is the adhesive for the Velcro mount wasn’t nearly strong enough.

  391. (verified owner):
    Eddy Sandoval

    A little bit pricy but overall good

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