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Pedal Commander PC38 Bluetooth
Pedal Commander PC38 BluetoothPedal Commander PC38 BluetoothPedal Commander PC38 BluetoothPedal Commander PC38 BluetoothPedal Commander PC38 BluetoothPedal Commander PC38 BluetoothPedal Commander PC38 BluetoothPedal Commander PC38 BluetoothPedal Commander PC38 Bluetooth


Why do you need Pedal Commander?

Pedal Commander is a throttle response controller. It removes response delays on your electronic accelerator pedal. Effectively, it allows your engine to respond faster. As a result, your car can accelerate faster. You paid lots of money for your car, but when you press your gas pedal, you feel like you are pressing a sponge. Have you ever noticed that old cars were more responsive?

We have a solution for you!! to get rid of that lag.

Pedal Commander has 4 different control modes: Eco, City, Sport, and Sport. Each control mode has 8 different sensitivity levels which you can choose. These 36 different parameters, in total, is what makes us different than others. Pedal Commander is programmable according to your desire to your cars specifications. And now Available with Bluetooth capability.

User Friendly Bluetooth Control

App Compatible with Android 5.1 (released 2/2015) or later
App Compatible with iOS 10 (released on 9/2016) or later

6 Reasons to Buy Pedal Commander Throttle Controller

Faster Response from Your Engine


Available for All Vehicle Manufacturers

Individually Adjustable Performance

Great Customer Service

2-Years Product Warranty

Product Benefits

Removes Delays 99%

Removes all disadvantages of electronic gas pedal delays & effectively allows your engine to respond faster

Vehicle Specific Programming

Pedal Commander is not a generic one-size-fits-all device. It is individually programmed according to the make, model, engine specs and transmission of your car.

User-Friendly & Adjustable

Pedal Commander BT system comes with 4 different modes: Eco, City, Sport, and Sport . Each mode has 4 raise and -4 low adjustments. Control options available on the Mobile app and on the device

2-Year Manufacturer Warranty

You are getting a top quality product from us. However, just in case the power electronics are defective, we will replace your product free of charge within 2 years of purchase!


Latest Bluetooth technology proves the power of connection. To phones, to tablets; Now Bluetooth enables multiple ways to connect. You can stay connected your vehicle and the pedal commander at the same time.

Easy Plug-and-Play Installation

OEM Factory Harness & Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation within 10 Minutes

Watch some install videos

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We offer a 30-Day money back guarantee to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

Top-notch Quality

All automotive top-grade components, such as 3M keypad, high-performance CPUs for real-time calculations, latest Bluetooth technology and original connectors in OEM quality



Additional information

Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 2 in
Device Options



{""title"":""Installation Guide ""

Installation Guide

Pedal Commander

1. Let vehicle shut down for 5 minutes.

2. Locate gas pedal assembly plug.

3. Disconnect assembly plug.

4. Plug connectors into their coordinating plugs on the gas pedal.

5. Tuck cables in place so they do not affect or endanger your driving.

6. Route the Pedal Commander to where you may easily access it.

7. Use the alcohol wipe to clean the area you want to mount it.

8. Apply the velcro to the bracket and the cleaned area.

9. Insert the Pedal Commander into the bracket and you have completed the installation process.

If you unplug the gas pedal without allowing the vehicles ECU to completely power off you will receive a check engine light when you start the vehicle.
Please allow a minimum of 5 minutes to allow the ECU to fully turn off before installing.



Pedal Commander offers 4 program selections: ECO, CITY, SPORT and SPORT+. Each mode has 9 different sensativity levels (upto 36 levels in total) and can be accessed by pressing the program button.

Stock: When all the Pedal Commander lights are off your vehicle is operating using the stock throttle settings.

ECO Mode: Used for fuel savings, smoother driving, better traction control in heavy weather conditions or for Off-Roading purposes.

Press and hold the Program for 3 seconds to enter ECO Mode.

CITY Mode: Perfect for daily driving

SPORT Mode: Spirited Driving

SPORT+ Mode: Great for racing at the track or performance driving.

**Pedal Commander will not be active while using cruise control.**

i phone7

Pedal Commander Now With Bluetooth

Download the Pedal Commander APP for our new Bluetooth units.



Feel free to watch our installation videos for more information or give us a call at 805-465-7677

General Disclaimer:

Pedal Commander is intended to increase your vehicles throttle performance, including its speed and acceleration capabilities. We hope that all drivers practice RESPONSIBLE safe driving skills while using the Pedal Commander. As the manufacture we are not responsible for the misuse of our product or the drivers who may operate their vehicles in an unsafe or illegal manor.

Customer Videos

Pedal Commander Toyota Tacoma

Pedal Commander - 16 Tacoma

A little boost in power for the 4Runner

2014+ Toyota Highlander Pedal Commander

Pedal Commander 2015 4Runner

77 reviews for Pedal Commander PC38 Bluetooth

  1. (verified owner):
    James Hawley

    Quality people delivering a quality product

  2. (verified owner):
    Ryan Viney

    Excellent customer service, great product!

  3. (verified owner):
    Matthew Outten

    So the city mode gives you a nice quick throttle response and your mpg’s stay about the same. The sport mode you need good foot control cause your vehicle will jump off the line, if your looking to get the hole shot look no further. I haven’t even tried the sport + mode yet. I’m afraid it will suck too much gas. The ECU mode will probably save a ton on gas but it just slowed my vehicle down way to much. I felt like I was driving like a little old lady, slow off the light and slow getting up to speed. All in all if you have $299.00 to spend, I would recommend getting it just for the fun factor. “FJ Cruising”

  4. (verified owner):
    Lucas Leon

    Was a little iffy at first becuase of the price, but after the 2 minute install, the results were well worth the cost. My Tacoma gained a noticeable increase in acceleration and an overall better feel on the gas pedal. DO IT!

  5. (verified owner):
    Kyle Greene

    Very happy! Installed on 2014 Tacoma with 35’s , took all lag out of pedal and is also great for pulling a boat or trailer with a torqued response when you want it!

  6. (verified owner):
    Daniel Caraher

    The customer service was great very responsive to any questions I had. The install was easy and I had power when I needed it. Strongly recommend

  7. (verified owner):
    Daniel Hall

    Love it! Big difference on my 2016 Tacoma

  8. (verified owner):
    Gerald kehler

    I’m very happy and it works great,

  9. (verified owner):
    John Ryzowicz

    Happy Customers as always with Pedal Commander

  10. (verified owner):
    Mike Baker

    Price is a little steep for what it is.

  11. (verified owner):
    Javier Hernandez

    Money well spent, extremely satisfied with my pedal commander!

  12. (verified owner):
    Jimmy Kuntz

    Easy install and works awesome. just takes a few drives to find the correct setting.

  13. (verified owner):
    randall miller

    I received the pedal commander within 3 days of ordering.

  14. (verified owner):
    Michael Garrett

    This is totally awesome

  15. (verified owner):
    Alexander Monge

    Tacoma TRD Sport 2017 …. TACO PICANTE…GREAT!!!!!

  16. (verified owner):
    Michael Torres

    This is experience is just awesome!

  17. (verified owner):

    Installed this device in minutes. This product definitely takes the lag out the pedal! I own a 2006 4runner. I have invested some mods such as high performance exhaust and headers and it already was quick off the line but now it burns rubber out of the gate if you choose to put the hammer down. Great product if your looking for the quicker response from your pedal.

  18. :
    edward goedtel

    Quality product, works exactly as described. I may be returning the product only because the CVT in my vehicle can’t keep up with the increased throttle response. If my vehicle had a standard transmission, this would match up better.

  19. (verified owner):
    Kevin Phillips

    Works great in my 2017 Tacoma! Had some trouble with installing due to an adapter plate in one of the plugs on the accelerator pedal. But I called the number listed on the box & the tech talked me through it. Overall, a good product. Definitely have more throttle response than before.

  20. (verified owner):
    Joshua Brezina

    Super happy with the system. Improves performance so much. Sport level 4 is a burn out machine in my 2013 Tacoma. Sport plus is almost too much in most instances. Definitely recommend to anyone. Install room less than 10 minutes.

  21. (verified owner):
    Matthew Burstyn

    Absolutely love this throttle controller. Even in the evil “Eco” mode still gained around 2mpg in a few days. This thing is amazing.

  22. (verified owner):
    Cody Russell

    Great product. Makes my truck come to life. No more throttle leg.

  23. (verified owner):
    Larry Summa

    I got this mostly for the ECO mode which helps with mpg, even with a 2.7 auto Tacoma, it’s still fun to use the sport mode and the others now and then. It’s rather good fun to have it.

  24. (verified owner):
    Beaver Smith

    No regrets

  25. (verified owner):
    John Neisch

    One of the best purchases I’ve made for my 2017 Toyota Tacoma build! Great product that actiually produces results on the pedal response.

  26. (verified owner):
    Richard Schmidt

    Works well. It has much better throttle response now on my 2016 Tacoma. When stock, the first half of the pedal was useless.

  27. (verified owner):
    Quenton DeBardlebon

    Helped with throttle response, good product!

  28. (verified owner):
    Scott Martin

    2 mpg increase in less than 2 weeks. I love the gas mileage I am getting.

  29. :
    Shane collins

    Awesome definitely does work 100 percent glad I purchased

  30. (verified owner):
    Gerald Lunday

    The Pedal Commander is everything that’s advertised. It’s truly an amazing piece of technology to say the least. Just having installed it on 5/23/18, the fun part has been figuring out which setting to go with. So far, for me, it’s sport (-2) for my 2017 Toyota Tacoma.

  31. (verified owner):
    Jamie yeager

    its awesome I love it

  32. (verified owner):
    Lawrence Siville

    Pleased with the performance

  33. (verified owner):
    Clint Hughes

    Totally dig it, makes a huge difference putting it down!

  34. (verified owner):
    Jeremy Snow

    Wow, the Pedal Commander is azaming! It feels like I’m driving a totally different truck. I love it and definitely recommend this product to others. My daily driving mode is City +2.

  35. (verified owner):
    Robert Young

    Hard-core car guy. Best bang for the buck ever. Purchased two. One for my 3rd gen Tacoma and one for my 13 Boss 302. The Boss hits real hard now off the line like never before. It’s a entirely different car now because of this product. Any thoughts of selling it is over. Thank you Pedal commander!

  36. (verified owner):
    Ervin Sloan

    Works better than expected!!!

  37. (verified owner):
    Gregory Clark


  38. (verified owner):

    Just installed on my 2016 Tacoma TRD SPORT and WOW, what a difference. Throttle response is much improved almost no lag just immediate response and acceleration. This makes the truck more enjoyable and fun to drive. Bluetooth works great for selecting different modes and cleans up the installation.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Stephen
  39. (verified owner):
    Patrick Buchanan

    Huge improvement!!! 08 Tacoma prerunner 4.0L
    Brought My other upgrades to life

  40. (verified owner):

    Tends to make taking off from a start a little jumpy on my 2016 Tacoma. Setting is at City -1.

  41. (verified owner):
    James Fox

    It does exactly what I wanted it to do. Very satisfied and I’m recommending the product to friends.

  42. (verified owner):
    Scott Jandro

    I own a 2017 Tacoma TRD 4×4 off road 3.5 V6 automatic. I like it a lot! Now I have throttle response. I run sport setting as I primarily drive mountain roads. Love it! Buy buy buy!

  43. (verified owner):
    Michael Antonucci

    Great product

  44. (verified owner):
    Rakan Felemban

    I try it on my fj, there is a huge difference in the padel response and an acceptable fuel efficiency

  45. (verified owner):
    Scott McDonald

    It works fantastic in my 2018 Tacoma… very pleased.
    But I’ll be honest, when I bought the Bluetooth unit, I truly thought the cable from gas pedal connecters to the control unit was gone. (Expected the Bluetooth connectivity there). Not so. Still have to run a cable up thru steering column and mount controller. Would’ve been great to set controller…. and leave in console.

  46. (verified owner):
    Bruce Conklin

    What a difference! My Toyota Tacoma now drives like it has a V8 inside!!

  47. (verified owner):
    Andrew Huynh

    does the job

  48. (verified owner):
    Ken Enomoto

    Wow! In city mode +2 my mpg is 22.4, from 18.2. That’s awesome. With gas prices in Hawaii so high, it will pay for itself in several months.

  49. (verified owner):
    Nicholas Pharris

    This was a great buy for pretty much everything I want to use it for. Gives me more power when I want that and saves gas on long trips. I’ve already referred two people who’ve also purchased this and they love it too! Thanks Pedal Commander!!

  50. (verified owner):
    Joseph B.

    Pedal Commander works well. I selected “Sport”.

  51. (verified owner):

    Simple to install, comes with zip ties and velcro to mount just about anywhere. The bluetooth ,along with the free app allows you to tuck the entire unit out of the way of you want and control everything with your smart phone. The difference in throttle response was immediate and impressive, the customizable options are fantastic. I was overall impressed, even down to the packaging.

  52. (verified owner):
    John Huhs

    USPS lost first order, called and was sent out on a Friday, received it Monday. Great service, haven’t installed it yet, will post more after using it for a while. Got it installed, works great,, no bogging down when you take off.

  53. (verified owner):
    John K.

    Works very well. Easy Installation.

  54. (verified owner):
    Jacob Smith

    Defintely does as advertised. Maybe even more so. Sport+ mode was more than I was expecting.

  55. (verified owner):
    Abdulmalik Alsuhibani

    I like it and I can feel the difference.

  56. (verified owner):
    Alfred S.

    F#k’n AWESOME!!!

  57. (verified owner):
    Joshua R.

    It adds the punch my 4Runner needed!

  58. (verified owner):

    The Pedal Commander I bought for my 2017 Tacoma 4×4 is unbelievable. Well words are hard to describe this product. Love it! No lag at all in my truck. Let my friend drive my truck(He owns a 2018 Tacoma). Pedal Commander was in sport+ mode. He was like, are you kidding me! Crazy fast response!!! Yes you can lower the settings. Great product, well worth the money spent.

  59. (verified owner):
    Carlos Abelar

    The Commander has really made a difference in the way my tacoma responds! Great upgrade! The Bluetooth feature is great as well, you have control through the Commander app and can conceal the module if you wanted to.

  60. (verified owner):

    Defenitly a good upgrade

  61. (verified owner):
    Michael Robinson

    Installed last month on my 2012 FJ Cruiser. Traded my 2007 FJ to it a year ago and even though it only has 19,000 miles on it, is just seems sluggish, compared to my 2007. Really needs a “sport” button like on my M3. I’ve been using with City plus 2 for the highway and City -2 for around town. Really gives me what i want in throttle response. I mounted the control on my left panel. I may hide later since i seem to be using the blue tooth control most of the time. No problems…..very happy with the purchase. The only reason i give it a four star vs a five star is the price. i think it is a little high. It is certainly a feature you can live without as it doesn’t increase horsepower – only response, but i still like it.

  62. (verified owner):

    It performed exactly as advertised, simple installation. Pending the setting peddle response can be as aggressive as you want. I currently found setting sport negative 4 is working awesome in mountain terrain and ice and snow conditions. I played with Sport plus its extremely sensitive be careful when its applied its aggressive fun fun!!!. Love it thanks.
    Please build me a Tuner / Programmer with Horsepower range options 20-80 Hp the 3.5L could use some waken up!!
    Thanks Robert

  63. (verified owner):
    Jean-Patrice R.

    Awesome product , poor shipping

  64. (verified owner):
    Liam Doyle

    Does exactly as advertised.

  65. (verified owner):
    Brian Alamillo

    Really great product super easy to install and easy to navigate through definitely happy I bought it

  66. :

    Just installed the Pedal Commander in my 2010 Camaro. Tried City Mode -2 to see the response for daily driving. Faster response and quicker to speed when leaving a light.

    Went to Sport +1 and Holy ****. Spun the rear wheels on the first pull from a stop. Can’t wait to try Sport +2, 3, 4. Sport + will have to wait for an isolated straightaway.

  67. (verified owner):

    Easy install. Works great.

  68. (verified owner):
    Richard Currie

    The pedal commander definitely improves gas pedal response. I’ve yet to find the setting that I’m most happy with since there are so many. Now if I can find something that will help the Tacoma transmission shift at the appropriate times instead early as it does now. I was super disappointed in my new 218 Tacoma with the gas pedal lag in the irregular shifting which is because of the lag.
    It took me several weeks and a lot of YouTube reviews for me to be convinced that the pedal commander is something I need. I’m not one to buy aftermarket products for my vehicles but this time I am pleased with the product thank you

  69. (verified owner):
    Levi R.

    This little box right here does a very good job on my tacoma

  70. (verified owner):

    This product is Awesome, easy installation and very satisfied.

  71. (verified owner):
    Jose S.

    Great product. This should be standard on all vehicles

  72. (verified owner):

    Bought this for my 2013 Toyota Tacoma 4clyinder 2.7L . Best decision ever. I had to push so hard on the pedal just to get this thing to go anywhere and now it drives like a regular car. Long drives my calf would ache, but not anymore!

  73. (verified owner):
    Jeff S.

    This is the best money Ive spent on my 2017 Tacoma. It transformed the engine/transmission performance from absolutely terrible to not perfect, but great. My truck now feels like what should be expected from a $40,000 vehicle. I know that it doesn’t have more power than before but it feels like it does. I use the sport-0 setting and I don’t have to continuously apply pedal to have steady acceleration without the automatic transmission shifting to high gears at low speeds. I had questions about safety issues with Pedal Commander and they were answered within 10 minutes of sending. After placing my order I had a tracking number within 1 hour and delivery from California to Alabama within 3 days. I am 100% satisfied with this product.

  74. (verified owner):
    Rin Chhin

    It was great I like it a lot .

  75. (verified owner):
    Allan Antonio

    Best product ever, I’m very satisfied and highly recommend to all drivers.

  76. (verified owner):
    Jeff F.

    The product is great, installation was a snap and it makes my Tacoma even more fun to drive!

  77. :
    Jay J.

    My girlfriend surprised me with a pedal commander I’ve been doing research, google, and YouTubing about. It is by far the best mod I’ve installed on my 2017 2.7L Double Cab Tacoma!! You can really feel the difference.. I made my friend test drove my Truck, he was shocked how it felt after I told him it’s a 4cyl haha (He owns a 2015 4.0L Tacoma). Now he is saving up to purchase his Pedal Commander. Great Product ever!

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