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Pedal Commander PC65 Bluetooth
Pedal Commander PC65 BluetoothPedal Commander PC65 BluetoothPedal Commander PC65 BluetoothPedal Commander PC65 BluetoothPedal Commander PC65 BluetoothPedal Commander PC65 BluetoothPedal Commander PC65 BluetoothPedal Commander PC65 BluetoothPedal Commander PC65 Bluetooth

Pedal Commander PC65 Bluetooth

Rated 4.92 out of 5 based on 161 customer ratings
(161 customer reviews)

$349.99 $299.99

Pedal Commander Throttle Response Controller PC65 BT (bluetooth) unit made for specific 2007 and newer GM Vehicles Like; Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Silverado, Tahoe, Suburban, Avalanche, and GMC Sierra, Yukon, Yukon XL

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Why do you need Pedal Commander?

Pedal Commander is a throttle response controller. It removes response delays on your electronic accelerator pedal. Effectively, it allows your engine to respond faster. As a result, your car can accelerate faster. You paid lots of money for your car, but when you press your gas pedal, you feel like you are pressing a sponge. Have you ever noticed that old cars were more responsive?

We have a solution for you!! to get rid of that lag.

Pedal Commander has 4 different control modes: Eco, City, Sport, and Sport. Each control mode has 8 different sensitivity levels which you can choose. These 36 different parameters, in total, is what makes us different than others. Pedal Commander is programmable according to your desire to your cars specifications. And now Available with Bluetooth capability.

User Friendly Bluetooth Control

App Compatible with Android 5.1 (released 2/2015) or later
App Compatible with iOS 10 (released on 9/2016) or later

6 Reasons to Buy Pedal Commander Throttle Controller

Faster Response from Your Engine


Available for All Vehicle Manufacturers

Individually Adjustable Performance

Great Customer Service

2-Years Product Warranty

Product Benefits

Removes Delays 99%

Removes all disadvantages of electronic gas pedal delays & effectively allows your engine to respond faster

Vehicle Specific Programming

Pedal Commander is not a generic one-size-fits-all device. It is individually programmed according to the make, model, engine specs and transmission of your car.

User-Friendly & Adjustable

Pedal Commander BT system comes with 4 different modes: Eco, City, Sport, and Sport . Each mode has 4 raise and -4 low adjustments. Control options available on the Mobile app and on the device

2-Year Manufacturer Warranty

You are getting a top quality product from us. However, just in case the power electronics are defective, we will replace your product free of charge within 2 years of purchase!


Latest Bluetooth technology proves the power of connection. To phones, to tablets; Now Bluetooth enables multiple ways to connect. You can stay connected your vehicle and the pedal commander at the same time.

Easy Plug-and-Play Installation

OEM Factory Harness & Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation within 10 Minutes

Watch some install videos

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We offer a 30-Day money back guarantee to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

Top-notch Quality

All automotive top-grade components, such as 3M keypad, high-performance CPUs for real-time calculations, latest Bluetooth technology and original connectors in OEM quality


Additional information

Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 2 in
Device Options



{""title"":""Installation Guide ""

Compatibility Guide

Cadillac Escalade 6.0L V8 (2007-2014)
Cadillac Escalade 6.2L V8 (2007-2014)
Cadillac Escalade 6.2L V8 (2015-…)
Chevrolet Avalanche 5.3L V8 (2007-2013)
Chevrolet Avalanche 5.3L V8 (2007-2013)
Chevrolet Silverado 4.3L V6 (2007-2014)
Chevrolet Silverado 4.3L V6 (2007-2014)
Chevrolet Silverado 4.3L V6 (2015-…)
Chevrolet Silverado 5.3L V8 (2007-2014)
Chevrolet Silverado 5.3L V8 (2015-…)
Chevrolet Silverado 6.0L V8 (2007-2014)
Chevrolet Silverado 6.0L V8 (2007-2014)
Chevrolet Silverado 6.0L V8 (2015-…)
Chevrolet Silverado 6.2L V8 (2007-2014)
Chevrolet Silverado 6.2L V8 (2015-…)
Chevrolet Silverado 6.6L DURAMAX diesel V8 (2007-2014)
Chevrolet Silverado 6.6L DURAMAX diesel V8 (2015-…)
Chevrolet Suburban 5.3L V8 (2007-2014)
Chevrolet Suburban 5.3L V8 flex fuel (2015-…)
Chevrolet Suburban 5.3L V8 flex-fuel (2007-2014)
Chevrolet Suburban 6.0L V8 (2007-2014)
Chevrolet Suburban 6.2L V8 (2007-2014)
Chevrolet Suburban 6.2L V8 flex fuel (2015-…)
Chevrolet Tahoe 4.8L V8 (2007-2014)
Chevrolet Tahoe 5.3L V8 (2007-2014)
Chevrolet Tahoe 5.3L V8 (2015-…)
Chevrolet Tahoe 6.0L V8 HYBRID (2007-2014)
Chevrolet Tahoe 6.2L V8 (2007-2014)
Chevrolet Tahoe 6.2L V8 (2015-…)
GMC Sierra 4.3L V6 (2007-2014)
GMC Sierra 4.3L V6 (2014-…)
GMC Sierra 4.8L V8 (2007-2014)
GMC Sierra 5.3L V8 (2007-2014)
GMC Sierra 5.3L V8 (2014-…)
GMC Sierra 6.0L V8 (2007-2014)
GMC Sierra 6.0L V8 (2014-…)
GMC Sierra 6.2L V8 (2007-2014)
GMC Sierra 6.2L V8 (2014-…)
GMC Sierra 6.6L V8 diesel (2014-…)
GMC Yukon 4.8L V8 (2007-2014)
GMC Yukon 5.3L V8 (2007-2014)
GMC Yukon 5.3L V8 (2015-…)
GMC Yukon 5.3L V8 FLEX FUEL (2007-2014)
GMC Yukon 6.0L V8 HYBRID (2007-2014)
GMC Yukon 6.2L V8 (2007-2014)
GMC Yukon 6.2L V8 (2015-…)
Pontiac Grand Prix 3.8L V6 (2004-2008)
Pontiac Grand Prix 3.8L V6 supercharged (2004-2008)
Pontiac Grand Prix 5.3L V8 (2004-2008)

Installation Guide

Pedal Commander

1. Let vehicle shut down for 5 minutes.

2. Locate gas pedal assembly plug.

3. Disconnect assembly plug.

4. Plug connectors into their coordinating plugs on the gas pedal.

5. Tuck cables in place so they do not affect or endanger your driving.

6. Route the Pedal Commander to where you may easily access it.

7. Use the alcohol wipe to clean the area you want to mount it.

8. Apply the velcro to the bracket and the cleaned area.

9. Insert the Pedal Commander into the bracket and you have completed the installation process.

If you unplug the gas pedal without allowing the vehicles ECU to completely power off you will receive a check engine light when you start the vehicle.
Please allow a minimum of 5 minutes to allow the ECU to fully turn off before installing.



Pedal Commander offers 4 program selections: ECO, CITY, SPORT and SPORT+. Each mode has 9 different sensativity levels (upto 36 levels in total) and can be accessed by pressing the program button.

Stock: When all the Pedal Commander lights are off your vehicle is operating using the stock throttle settings.

ECO Mode: Used for fuel savings, smoother driving, better traction control in heavy weather conditions or for Off-Roading purposes.

Press and hold the Program for 3 seconds to enter ECO Mode.

CITY Mode: Perfect for daily driving

SPORT Mode: Spirited Driving

SPORT+ Mode: Great for racing at the track or performance driving.

**Pedal Commander will not be active while using cruise control.**

i phone7

Pedal Commander Now With Bluetooth

Download the Pedal Commander APP for our new Bluetooth units.



Feel free to watch our installation videos for more information or give us a call at 805-465-7677

General Disclaimer:

Pedal Commander is intended to increase your vehicles throttle performance, including its speed and acceleration capabilities. We hope that all drivers practice RESPONSIBLE safe driving skills while using the Pedal Commander. As the manufacture we are not responsible for the misuse of our product or the drivers who may operate their vehicles in an unsafe or illegal manor.

Customer Videos

Pedal Commander Cadillac Escalade

2007-2018 Silverado Pedal Commander

161 reviews for Pedal Commander PC65 Bluetooth

  1. :
    Leonel Martinez

    I installed this Pedal Commander into my 15 Silverado and it changes the reaction a lot. Before there was a real lag when you’re trying to take off but now I love driving my truck around town, it really gives it a kick when it accelerates. I highly recommend to all those who hate the damn lag that’s in these trucks.

  2. (verified owner):
    Jeff Cochran

    Having a pedal commander completely changes the way my 2014 6.2L Silverado drives, even on “City-1” it’s more responsive than stock.

  3. (verified owner):
    Giulio Calvelli

    Quicker than i expected

  4. (verified owner):
    Debra Blake

    This was purchased for a Christmas gift. So not sure

  5. (verified owner):
    Jesus Campos jr

    Best product in the market love it as a daily on sport

  6. (verified owner):
    Myles Luas

    Your product is awesome!! We have them on our fleet of trucks.

  7. (verified owner):
    Caleb Scott

    Great product. Very easy to install and use. Product is way overpriced but works.

  8. (verified owner):
    Joel Andres Uriarte Bernal

    Best item ever!!

  9. (verified owner):
    Zalonda Earp

    I liked my truck before the commander, now I LOVE my truck, I can’t @*#$ing believe the change,that DEAD pedal feeling is GONE!

  10. (verified owner):
    Zack Thompson

    The Pedal Commander tears it up lol if you don’t have one you need one. This thing rips in Sport+ with a +4 sensitivity. If I could take you for a ride I would. You should’ve ordered one yesterday.

  11. (verified owner):

    I just installed this on my 2018 Silverado 5.3
    Driving the truck for 1200 miles before installing the Pedal Commander, i was feeling like i bought a truck i was not going to be happy with, because of the engine response.
    But after i installed the Pedal Commander (set on city +2), my truck has instant response in/from every gear, trans/shift and kickdown points feel great in this setting, you can really feel the power these engines have, its amazing the how much these trucks are held back by GM.
    I highly recommend owners of new Silverados and Sierras to get a Pedal Commander for your truck, you will be very happy.
    The sport and sport + modes are crazy fun but may cause the trans hold gears too long, possibly requiring you to get out of the throttle slightly during acceleration, as to allow the trans to shift.
    Well worth the price.

  12. (verified owner):
    Andy Troisi

    Wow just wow and I haven’t even tried sport or sport+ yet. If you are considering buying one just get one you will not be disappointed. Wish I knew about this years ago.

  13. (verified owner):
    Tony Blackmon

    Works great just what I wanted and the overall quality looks to be very good

  14. (verified owner):
    Kevin Finneran

    Great product…throttle response is sick. Made the acceleration lag non existing with right setting to make my intake and exhaust feel and perform the way it should!!

  15. (verified owner):
    Randy Fletcher

    Works like everyone else says!

  16. (verified owner):
    Jeffrey Brower

    2016 Silverado LT (5.3/6L80) Had a defect in the first PC, was resolved very quickly and got the second one installed a few minutes ago. A couple short drives around the block and I am impressed with the pedal sensitivity. The PC does exactly what it’s advertised to do. Seems to have helped with the lazy shifting I experience with this truck also, as it seems lazy pedal response contributes to a lazy shift from the trans. Time will tell, but as far as first impressions, I am pleased with this product. Thank you!

  17. (verified owner):
    Derek Martin

    Jax was wonderful and solved my problem in just a few seconds!!!

  18. (verified owner):
    Douglas Simons

    All I can say is WOW

  19. (verified owner):
    robert edouard

    Overall pleased with the unit. No marketing hype, does what it says it will do. would recommend.

  20. (verified owner):
    Brandon Reynolds

    Takes all of the lag out of the electronic pedal. Sport+ is a little aggressive but overall good product

  21. (verified owner):
    Brandan Mathis

    Great Product, works amazing for new Silverado/Sierra trucks. Instant power and RPM at a tip of the throttle.
    Great job

  22. (verified owner):
    Richard Morici

    It’s wonderful! Great quality and fixed all my issues. The eco mode works wonders! Thank you very much

  23. (verified owner):
    Jonathan Caparso

    Excellent throttle response.

  24. (verified owner):
    Brock Baroody

    Absolutely thought it was a scam when I first heard about it. But did some research on my truck. Figured what the hell. I’ll try one. I absolutely love this thing. It’s amazing.

  25. (verified owner):
    Daniel Hill

    Wakes the beast up

  26. (verified owner):
    kurt wolf

    As stated this product is a throttle enhancement and boy what an enhancement it is combined with my Superchips programmer hang on to your hat I would recommend it to anybody who wanted better faster throttle

  27. (verified owner):
    ronald chiplaskey

    No more dead pedal

  28. (verified owner):
    Oscar Smith

    I love how responsive the pedal is now. Only flaw it my lead foot with my fuel mileage

  29. (verified owner):
    Keith Bode

    Freaking awesome! Acceleration is much more prominent that stock, truck gets up and going like a high torque diesel should.

  30. (verified owner):
    Frank Thomas

    Great product! This made my 2015 GMC Sierra enjoyable to drive again!

  31. (verified owner):
    Justin Willenbrock

    I’m so glad i decided to purchase the Petal Commander for my 2011 Gmc Sierra. I couldn’t be much happier with the responsiveness of the petal now and i’m pretty sure im saving gas with the Petal Commander too.

  32. (verified owner):
    Israel Pena

    Amazing product!! Now I can’t drive without it iiii

  33. (verified owner):
    Joseph Vila

    All I have to say is that I wish I had this product when I first bought my 2014 Silverado. I just lifted it 6 inches and run 35’s. I am so impressed it is a whole different animal. Really shows you how a V8 should jump instead of that sponge feeling. Couldn’t be happier. Telling all my friends who have new vechiles to get one.

  34. (verified owner):
    Steve Hoffman

    Great product! Just order the Pedal Commander, its that simple! Sport + is serious business!!!

  35. (verified owner):
    Michael Kalinowski

    works as advertised and it works great. game changer for your vehicle

  36. (verified owner):

    PC 65 WOW!!. Bought this device for my 2011 Silverado 5.3. Amazing, after all of the
    Mods I have done to this truck this one device is by far the best of all. Had my
    doubts but after reading reviews here I decided to go for it. started on sport+ and
    then decided that Sport 4 was optimal setting. Thanks Pedal Commander.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from terry_caston
  37. (verified owner):
    Terry Caston

    Simply amazing. Great service, Great device> Best mod i have made out of numerous modifications

  38. (verified owner):
    Matthew Giordano

    Very pleased with product. Product works as advertised. Product was easy to install. The gas pedal response on my 14’ Silverado is much better. It is easy to adjust the product to ones liking. I’ve found that -2 on the sport setting works great for me. The product does seem to be over priced though hence only 4/5 rating.

  39. (verified owner):
    Brett Blodgett

    Insane responses and quality of construction.

  40. (verified owner):
    christopher campbell

    Product has been working great so far, Very adjustable for my driving style.

  41. (verified owner):
    Wayne Olejnik

    Awesome device. Wow!. My truck is almost undriveable on the street with the Sport + engaged. I can get all of the power at once under my foot.

  42. (verified owner):
    Chuck Misicka

    I have a 2018 Silverado. I read the reviews and still was a little skeptical. The pedal commander is awesome!!

  43. (verified owner):
    David Hornsby

    Works as advertised

  44. (verified owner):
    Tyler Beauchamp

    2011 Silverado 1500. Works great really steps up the response of the pedal! And sport mode finally lets me feel the ponies hidden under the hood!

  45. (verified owner):
    Scott Durham

    The Pedal Commander was helpful in making the truck feel quicker and more fun to drive.

  46. (verified owner):
    Antonio Gaitan

    To who it may concern the unit itself works excellent and its amazing how well it responds.I was a little disappointed in opening the box no gear or decals just the unit and the bracket beside that it is an awesome product and I recommend everyone have one

  47. (verified owner):
    ken mori

    I can’t believe how instantaneous the improvement was on throttle response!!! No more hunting for gears with my 8 doors transmission
    This 6.2 liter crew cab responds like a LT1 corvette
    My gas mileage is still the same per tank also !!!

  48. (verified owner):
    Carlos Gonzalez

    Love the pedal commander its awesome i just installed it on my 2018 chevy silverado. and u feel the power right away. i recommend it to anyone.

  49. (verified owner):
    Curt Wickham

    Installed in a 2017 Silverado 1500 crew cab. Little pricey, but worth it. Can’t believe the difference this made. If you didn’t have one get one. Super easy to install and use. Gave my truck a wake-up.

  50. (verified owner):
    Jimmy Ross

    Big difference Thanks !

  51. (verified owner):
    Tim Yerkey

    A total difference I’m enjoying it thanks I have recommended it to all my friends.

  52. (verified owner):
    Guadalupe Nunez

    completely different after the installation very satisfied my yukon responds to the accelerator immediately

  53. (verified owner):
    Christopher Rhode

    ’11 GMC Sierra. Really good product. Does exactly what they say the videos are legit. There are a lot of settings to really dial in what you want. I feel the gas pedal is way smoother and you can really drop the hammer when you need to. highly suggested!

  54. (verified owner):
    Elias Magana

    Pedal Commander wakes your truck up!!

  55. (verified owner):
    Ryan Amatuzio

    The Pedal Commander is a must have! I was skeptical of the $329.99 investment at first BUT now it’s like $329.99? That’s it? It’s an immediate difference in the takeoff/ launch of the truck. It was so easy to put on as well! 2015 Silverado 1500 6.2 8 speed.

  56. (verified owner):
    José J Cuevas

    I’m not to good with words, my truck as a bit of performance upgrades and this just hits the spot. I LOVE IT

  57. (verified owner):
    Keil Beaver

    Makes my truck fun to drive!

  58. (verified owner):
    Robert Vagasky

    Expensive but does exactly as stated. Recommend to all.

  59. (verified owner):
    Danny Adkins

    great product, does exactly what it was advertised to do,

  60. (verified owner):

    Easy to install and makes a big difference I now have it on 2 of my cars

  61. (verified owner):
    Mavis Browning

    Its grreat

  62. (verified owner):
    Paul Gillispie

    WOW! The beast (truck) is unleashed!

  63. (verified owner):
    Scott Libby

    works as advertised

  64. (verified owner):
    Brad Osborne

    Easy to install. Instant gratification! The Pedal Commander woke my 2016 Sierra Denali up!!! I’ve not been happy with my truck’s engine performance from day one. Now, I’m happy.

  65. (verified owner):
    Jim Erb

    I put the pedal commander in my 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 6.2 liter I absolutely love it .. well worth the price ..

  66. (verified owner):

    Wish I had ordered it sooner. Nice to step on it and go without the lag and helps the downshifts, not holding as stock does then dropping 2 gears as usual.

    Thanks for a great product without ecu reprogramming and warranty issues.

  67. (verified owner):
    Kirk Mcrae

    Well I’ll tell you… this thing absolutely works!! … it does exactly what it says it was made to do….i have a 2017 chevy silverado LTZ 1500 crewcab 6.2L V8 … I use the City +3 setting around town and them I change it to the Sport +2 setting in a freeway …. definately makes a difference

  68. (verified owner):
    Patrick Howard

    Awesome! More products should be like this, super easy to install, easy to use and does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Everything about buying the Pedal Commander was great. Easy ordering, fast delivery and good communication. I use it for my GMC Sierra and wondered if the investment would be worth it. It is! The pedal response is immediate and I can adjust it to respond exactly as I want it to. I highly recommend it.

  69. (verified owner):
    David Costea

    Pretty Amazing what a difference it makes in pedal response. I would definitely buy this again.

  70. (verified owner):
    William Brennan

    Installed on my 2015 Silverado and WOW what a difference night and day my truck now drives like it should city+1 has been perfect will need to probably run an eco in the snow this product is a must have

  71. (verified owner):
    Steve Shapiro

    Love the difference

  72. (verified owner):
    Troy Shiffert

    Great product!

  73. (verified owner):
    tim henry


  74. (verified owner):
    Joshua Stilley

    After much research of the pedal commander I decided to purchase for my work truck. I drive a 2018 Chevy Duramax and what a difference. I bought this to help save a little fuel but catch my self using the sport+ setting and it’s like having an added 100 hp!! Would highly recommend if someone doesn’t want to spend the money on tuning

  75. (verified owner):
    Jesse Watjen

    No need to buy a chip this changed my truck 100 % the power I knew it had just wasn’t getting to the ground fast enough. I have a 2017 gmc 2500 and it was sluggish, had power just not what I thought it should have. I have had many vehicles and with the motor it had it should have been better. It is now. in sport mode I can break tires loose at 20mph. in short I love it.

  76. (verified owner):
    john parkhill

    It beat my expectations

  77. (verified owner):
    James Lockhart

    Your claims have been spot on. I’m enjoying the quick response my truck has now, as well as the Eco mode. I just didn’t get the window decal my friend got.

  78. (verified owner):
    everardo rocha

    It really works woke up my 2007 yukon denali awd

  79. (verified owner):
    David Sisamis

    Insane the difference once plugged in. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to get rid of throttle lag or just more response.

  80. (verified owner):
    Dave Mamulski

    Excellent product that works very well!

  81. (verified owner):
    Chris Persick

    It does what it says. Nice compact size. Easy adjustments on the fly. Just wish it actually gave more horsepower like a tune. All this does is change the gas pedal sensitivity. Worth the money in my opinion.

  82. (verified owner):
    Eddie Gamboa

    Met all expectations.Brought my Chevy Allison to life. Thank you pedal commander.

  83. (verified owner):
    Ian Rowan

    It removed the delay in pedal response on my Yukon! It really made my truck come alive and I enjoy driving it much more. On sport mode it’s very responsive and much more FUN to drive! On ECO mode it calms down and makes the acceleration very smooth and my gas mileage is much better. I love this thing!

  84. (verified owner):
    Ralph McCary

    The Pedal Commander is AWESOME! After I installed it on my truck I had to see how sensitive it was turned all of the way up… It was chirping the tires pulling out of the parking spot. The most fun I have had since buying my truck. The response makes the truck feel like it has a ton of horsepower. I enjoy driving my truck all over again. This definitely makes me want to do other performance upgrades. It’s like having a new vehicle. If you are on the fence about buying one of these, just do it! You won’t regret it. With the adjust-ability you can still drive anywhere and it doesn’t affect gas mileage unless you accelerate hard everywhere you go.

  85. (verified owner):
    Robert World

    Wow first word that comes to mind I installed the pedal Commander on my 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 5.3L what a difference hit the gas and go never have another vehicle without it very happy and wil buy again from .

  86. (verified owner):
    Mark Padgett


  87. (verified owner):
    Reynaldo Olivencia

    If you’re on the fence, researching and finding out if people are happy or if it’s a gimmick.
    I was that person and I decided why not, I can return it if it’s a joke.
    Well I’m here to tell you this will have you in love with your truck all over again. This is amazing, my truck seems so much happier. I run Sport +1 as my daily and absolutely love, love , love, it.
    I run this with a Range Technology AFM disabler and I have a Corsa CAI. I can’t tell you how pleased I am. So don’t overthink this, buy it.

  88. (verified owner):
    Richard Farmer

    Perfect addition to my duramax

  89. (verified owner):
    Joseph Theriault

    Best bang for the buck. Love it

  90. (verified owner):
    Kevin McCaffrey

    Was surprised that a product works as well as advertised, this thing is a no brainer

  91. (verified owner):
    Ricardo Morales

    Great love it

  92. (verified owner):
    Matthew Duke

    Like driving a different truck!

  93. (verified owner):
    Chris Young

    I love the pedal commander! Exactly what I was hoping for. But my decal ripped when I tried to put it on my truck and I’m really bummed about it. If the shipping wasn’t 15 bucks I would buy another decal!

  94. (verified owner):
    Mathew Kujala

    Really woke up my on 09 sierra. I cant imagine not having one now. I would recommend it to anyon.

  95. (verified owner):
    Steve Perez

    I wasn’t satisfied with the acceleration of my Silverado. The truck seemed to be sluggish and you had to floor the pedal to get onto a fast moving freeway. The PC has stopped me from having to do this and the truck performs as I think it should have from day 1. All of the settings are a nice feature but I think the City setting is best for my daily driver. Excellent product.

  96. (verified owner):

    It makes my truck fun to drive and I think it is safer too there is no hesitation

  97. (verified owner):
    Matthew Garnett

    Pedal Commander awesome! It surpassed my expectation. Easy to install. Got here overnight which I didn’t expect. I’ve recommended the device to several people already.

  98. (verified owner):
    Erik Paine

    Great product, no more pedal lag, it feels as if a throttle cable is connected.

  99. (verified owner):
    Brad Miller

    Great product! I have installed these in 5 different vehicles and what a difference they make. Highly recommended!!

  100. (verified owner):
    Douglas Dorsey

    Ok so
    I installed it set to sport plus
    Wow like a different truck very touchy almost
    Scared me a bit but I must say I love it thank you

  101. (verified owner):
    Shad Lindquist

    Without a question this product is a change for the better. It will put the responsiveness of your vehicle wherever you want it to be.

  102. (verified owner):
    Brandon Black

    Worth every penny. Most noticeable upgrade I have done to my vehicle. The preset options are great. I personally leave my truck in sport. Definitely recommend.

  103. (verified owner):
    Derek Maynard

    Absolutely love it, what a difference!!!!

  104. (verified owner):

    The device is nice and works as intended. It really is a world of difference from stock. But it did throw a service engine light due to low voltage to throttle body. Luckily I have a code reader and was able to reset. Hopefully this will not continue to happen.

  105. (verified owner):
    Mark Farra

    Very nice awesome

  106. (verified owner):

    Man this thing really brings the beast out in my truck..

  107. (verified owner):
    David S.

    Best performance part i have bought

  108. (verified owner):
    Michael F.

    Very impressive! I’m very happy using the city setting and hold on to your socks if you go with one of the higher settings. You will be pleased!

  109. (verified owner):

    easy install. very satisfied. Makes a world of difference in performance.

  110. (verified owner):
    Carl O.

    Easy setup. 2013 GMC 1500 Sierra. Pedal commander. Will also purchase for my Camero.

  111. (verified owner):
    Derek D.

    Great product, great service!

  112. :
    John Carter

    I have a 2016 5.3L & this is bad A#€!!! Super+ 4 will wake your truck into BEAST MODE! I also have a K&N Black Hawk dry cold air intake with a AFM Ranger Technology deleter & a “True dual exhaust with crossover”. You touch the throttle & you are gone doing 60 mph from one block to the next! I run sport daily & probably run City in the winter. Well worth the money! It also complimented my other upgrades & made it loud & proud! Bass ass bow tie like in the 1980’s!

  113. (verified owner):
    Scott Goss

    Thing works awesome my truck is on 37s and its snappy. Definitely a good decision on buying it.

  114. (verified owner):

    Very responsive on sport and sport + models. However if you punch the gas and let off the rpms wind up and hold for a few seconds well after letting off

  115. (verified owner):
    Reynaldo Rivera Jr

    Product works great and was easy to install. I definitely notice a difference in throttle response.

  116. (verified owner):
    Robert McHale

    It really works ! Very easy install, no problems what so ever. Highly recommend,

  117. (verified owner):

    Product is awesome and Jax was helpful before the purchase. Put on a 2018 Silverado 5.3L without any mods . Works pretty much as advertised. Easy install and makes the truck not only drivable but fun. I found the lower sensitivity levels of sport mode is good for everyday driving. Gives you the passing acceleration you need on highway or side roads. As expected there was a minor negative impact to gas mileage, most noticable on highway if cruising 70-75+ mph. The rpm tend to stay up a bit. Overall like driving a new truck, no pun intended, and well worth the money.

  118. (verified owner):

    Eco mode is useless the truck will hardly move. City mode is an improvement and more enjoyable than stock. I have not tried the 2 other modes. So I am enjoying the improvement in throttle response.

  119. (verified owner):
    Hernandez Alberto

    Es muy buen producto lo instale en una chevy silverado y la respuesta es muy buena

  120. (verified owner):
    Timothy B.

    I am pleased with this! It really made throttle response a lot better. I know it didn’t change the engine tuning, but the truck performs completely different now.

  121. (verified owner):
    Michael M.

    I am a true believer in the Peddle Commander. I have the Peddle Commander on my 2017 Yukon. with the DiabloSport Trinity 2 EX and now my my Yukon Zooms! I even took the Yukon back to the stock tune and I was extremely impressed with how responsive the Yukon was. Had I know about the Peddle Commander beforehand it would of been the top three mods I would of done first.

  122. (verified owner):
    Chris B.

    Bad ass product, great customer service and speedy shipping. All around great quality and top notch company.

  123. (verified owner):
    shawn koski

    i have bought 5 for my cars and convinced 3 more people to get them very impressed

  124. (verified owner):
    fabian z.

    Good product

  125. (verified owner):
    Jesse Combes

    Product works great definitely cleans up throttle response and lag only gave 4 stars because of the price though it to be a little expensive for what it does

  126. (verified owner):
    Roy P.

    Works great gets rid of lag and clunk

  127. (verified owner):
    Adam M.

    Awesome product. You can feel the difference as soon as you turn it on. Sport+ mode may get me in some trouble lol

  128. (verified owner):
    Scott S.

    Awesome product, easy install, Bluetooth connection is amazing, lightning fast shipping feels like double the horsepower and mpg is the same

  129. (verified owner):
    Pedro G.

    Really works!!! Five stars

  130. (verified owner):
    Islam Abouelenin


  131. (verified owner):
    James Knight

    I know its not a tune, but it sure feels like one. I’m getting wicked response out of my pedal now! Best accessory I have ever purchased.

  132. (verified owner):
    Joseph Jeffries

    Service was excellent. Haven’t used the product yet.

  133. (verified owner):
    joel Johnson

    its a much better driving experience.

  134. (verified owner):
    Ronnie R.

    Way better then I thought it would be, just buy it you won’t regret it……

  135. (verified owner):
    Darren Johnson

    Said it was going to take 5-7 days to ship. Was at my house in 3 Days. Great product!!

  136. (verified owner):
    Humberto Tijerina

    Really awesome. More than I expected.

  137. (verified owner):
    Anthony Williams

    Love it

  138. (verified owner):
    Jacob H.

    Completely changed the way the truck drives.

  139. (verified owner):
    David Crockett

    2015 4×4 5.3 Silverado Omfg I can’t believe how much of a difference it made it woke her up for sure ,it should come with the option from the factory, the real test was the snow, sounds nuts but city plus 2 she walks right thru anything I aim the wheel at with stock tires! Very very happy I made the investment, money well spent!

  140. (verified owner):
    Luis Perez

    this has been the best thing I’ve bought for my truck. It’s 100% different it woke my truck from a trance

  141. (verified owner):

    Will definitely surprise you with how responsive the throttle is! Work amazing with my 2007 Silverado. Now to stop at gas station because I can’t keep my foot out of it.

  142. (verified owner):
    Steven P.

    Easy installation. Works great on my 2016 Silverado. My Pedal Commander and my KM cold air take working together my truck had amazing power. I recommend the Pedal Commander and KM cold air intake .

  143. (verified owner):
    Jesse M.

    Made an incredibly big difference in my ’14 Sierra 1500. Would recommend it without a doubt

  144. (verified owner):
    Clay Sanger

    I’m very happy with my pedal commander. I bought it for my 2013 GMC Sierra and it I immediately noticed differences. I did have one issue, I changed settings while driving and it deactivated all my traction control and stability control. But I removed it and reinstalled it and haven’t had an issue since.

  145. (verified owner):

    Great product, night and day in a 2014 4runner. Also put one in a 2012 Duramax, really makes you notice the potential in that engine. Highly recommend for anyone who wants some very noticeable responsiveness improvement.

  146. (verified owner):
    Edward M.

    Great product!!! Super easy install & you will not be disappointed

  147. (verified owner):
    Erik Wijngaarden

    Works great. However, I would it find more convienient if the device had a turning knob. It would be easier to adjust during driving. Also the service and shipping overseas was excellent !

  148. (verified owner):
    Dylan Holstine

    I drive a 2015 Chevy Silverado with a 10” lift. I set up pedal commander on Sport+ on the highest setting and looked something like Dom Toretto on take off. I did a wheelie, burned rubber, and turned heads.

  149. (verified owner):

    Awesome Pedal Commander, fast shipping, and so easy to install…

  150. (verified owner):

    This is a must have! Great for when you need a quick bit of acceleration (passing slow people). Takes that delay away you need when you need it!!

  151. (verified owner):
    Bryan W.

    I have an ‘09 Chevy Silverado with long tube headers, an X pipe, with 2 Flowmaster super 40’s, and a SCT X4 tuner. I felt like I already had a decent throttle response time, but the Pedal Commander proved that wrong! It’s taking some getting adjusted to it, but I love it! Even better response time, even with all the other additions to the truck. If you have a gas vehicle and don’t have a Pedal Commander, you’re doing a disservice to your vehicle!! Easy, easy, easy install. Worth every penny!

  152. (verified owner):
    Brian K.

    This was installed on a 2015 chevy 1500 w/5.3L and with fantastic results. The truck has bigger tires and accelerated a little sluggish. All that went away after installing the pedal commander. Have the setting on “sport +1” and the truck really gets going. It took about 10-Min. put in and no problems afterwards.

  153. (verified owner):
    Shane Smithey

    By far the best product for your money . It did exactly what they said. I’ll be ordering more for our other vehicles. Thanks

  154. (verified owner):

    With the pedal commander on my 2018 duramax it got rid of the dead pedal feel . The difference is noticeable . Very happy with it

  155. (verified owner):
    James A.

    My Silverado finally feels like it has the power it’s supposed to. This is a little pricey, but it does exactly what it says. I tucked mine down behind the dash and use the Bluetooth controls on my phone.

  156. (verified owner):
    Nathan Harlan

    I just got two pedal commanders one for my wife’s 15 suburban and one for my 15 challenger. I installed my wife’s and it was initially on sport 4 when I test drove it. All I can say is holy f$@k it’s awesome! It may not add horse power but it lets you use all that you have. It took the sluggish suburban and made it quick. Faster than I thought it could and instantly noticeable. Can’t wait to install on my challenger.

  157. (verified owner):
    Filip Orszagh

    Best mod for a truck! The difference in throttle response is amazing! I know I’d don’t add power but it sure unlocks the power

  158. (verified owner):
    Tyler C.

    Very very well designed , easy install took literally 2 minutes , very effective , it’s crazy the amount of response this thing lets loose !

  159. (verified owner):
    Ulises Vega

    Very happy with my pedal Commander on my 2014 Silverado takes away the lag with the 35s well worth the 300

  160. (verified owner):
    Nathan H.

    I love the pedal commander. This device woke up my wife’s 5.3L suburban. It is a 2015 and now can do burn outs with the 33″ tires that are on it. It has way more response that stock in all categories except eco mode. In fact I am getting better gas mileage in sport mode +4 than stock. Amazing.

  161. (verified owner):

    It is awesome. Worth every penny..the only thing that could make it even better would be the ability to switch modes whiles moving but all in all amazing product.

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